Durable Banquet Chairs With Arms For Your Projects

  • Fully Welded Metal Frame Banquet Chairs With Arms
  • Banquet Chairs With Arms Designed For Commercial Use
  • Dovetail Joint Designed Wooden Banquet Chairs With Arms
  • Five Years Warranty Banquet Chairs With Arms For Wholesale
  • One-Pieces Molded Injection Designed Plastic Banquet Chairs With Arms
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Your Trusty Banquet Armchair Supplier In China

  • 100+ High-End Banquet Armchair Distributors In Global
  • Over 50,000 Square Meter Banquet Armchair Manufacture Factory
  • Experienced High-End Banquet Furniture Manufacturer Since 2005
  • 15 Days Lead Time Ship Banquet Armchair Catch Up Your Projects Schedule
  • Design And Manufacture Banquet Tables Match Banquet Armchairs Use In Halls

Standard Banquet Armchair Series

banquet chair with armrest
Powder Coated Aluminum Frame Banquet Chair With Armrest
stackable banquet chairs with arms
Fabric Upholstered Stackable Banquet Chairs With Arms
Banquet Armchair
Customized Stainless Steel Frame Banquet Armchair For Sale
Banquet Armchair
Luxury Polycarbonate Frame Clear Banquet Armchair
Banquet Armchair
UV Stabilized Stacking Banquet Armchair For Outdoor Use
Banquet Armchair
Whole Piece Molded Injection Acrylic Banquet Armchair
Louis Ghost Armchair
Classic Design Clear Louis Ghost Armchair For Wholesale
ghost chairs with arms
Custom Made Colored Ghost Chairs With Arms For Events

Why Trinity Can Be Your Preferred Banquet Chair With Armrest Manufacturer

  • Stacking Banquet Chair With Armrest Up To 8 Pieces Save Storage Space
  • Upholstered Banquet Chair With Armrest Passed CA 117 & BS 5852 Certification
  • Provide Different Design Banquet Chair With Armrest Meet Your Projects Budget
  • Supply Metal, Wood And Plastic Banquet Chair With Armrest Meet Your Requirements
  • Customize Wide Range Colors, Upholstery Banquet Chair With Armrest Meet Your Projects

Custom Banquet Armchairs For Events

Banquet Armchair

Quality Banquet armchairs add up to the success of any event they are used in. Trinity Furniture can customize a broad range of banquet armchair types with different designs. Manufacturing banquet chairs with arms for banquet halls is a specialty we have honed over 16 years since we started manufacturing banquet chairs for events held at indoor and outdoor hospitality spaces. Our banquet armchairs come with a 3 years warranty and an added 1-year after-sales support. Trinity Furniture can arrange and send a free banquet armchair sample to you to examine and ascertain its durability.

Our banquet chairs with arms help rest guests’ shoulders and arms and make sitting for long periods comfortable. We can customize them in a wide range of varieties so whatever type you want, Trinity Furniture can produce for you. Trinity Furniture customizes metal-framed including aluminum and steel-framed banquet armchairs.

Where We Manufacture Your Banquet Armchairs

In our 50,000 square meters factory, we manufacture durable metal-framed banquet chairs with armrests using modern machines like automatic welding machines, and metal cutting machines. These machines are connected to computer systems that control their function and ensure that accurate sizes and shapes are produced according to your desired product specifications.

Customized Banquet Armchairs With Beautiful Upholstery

Banquet Armchair

We can customize the arms with plane aluminum and steel or add upholstery to provide soft comfort. The banquet chair arms can be customized in specific styles that conform to the body’s correct sitting posture. This helps event guests avoid body aches and discomforts when sitting through the different sessions in an event. The upholstery material used for the metal-framed banquet chairs can be matched with the seat and backrest upholstery material for uniformity and beauty.

Different upholstery materials like velvet, leather, and vinyl can be used to manufacture banquet armchairs. Trinity Furniture manufactures aluminum-framed banquet armchairs with upholstered seats to provide comfort as well as a luxury look. The fabric seats can be customized in an array of colors and used in all types of events including weddings, parties, and at all event venues. Banquet armchairs are produced as complete chair units in our factory faster than any other place, and we deliver them on or before scheduled dates.

Special Banquet Armchair Designs

banquet Armchair

Get the hottest selling and luxury-looking banquet armchair at Trinity Furniture for your events. Our ghost chairs with arms are the perfect banquet armchair type you need to make a great impression at events. These special banquet armchairs are produced with polycarbonate using the mold injection method which enhances their durability and quality. The manufacturing method used for ghost chairs with arms ensures that they come out looking elegant and transparent. Their perfect look and style make them suitable as wedding chairs. Trinity Furniture can customize the seat and backrest of ghost armchairs in different styles. The polycarbonate seat and backrest can be made with the same shape, both can have a round shape or square shape. If you like, we can also make the backrest round while the seat is made into a square shape. A firm arm is attached to both ends of the chair to connect the seat to the backrest. Whatever banquet armchair shape you want for your special event, talk to Trinity Furniture today and we can customize it.

Long-Lasting Stackable Banquet Armchairs

Banquet Armchair

Trinity Furniture customizes stackable banquet armchairs to save floor space when packed. 7-10 banquet armchairs can be stacked together and easily transported or stored when not in use. Their design allows for easy stacking and removing without breaking. Trinity Furniture customizes stackable chairs to withstand constant use, the elegant look ghost armchair can also withstand constant use without weakening.

Assembly Instructions For Knockdown Banquet Armchair

At Trinity Furniture, we can customize knockdown banquet armchairs for you to assemble when you receive them. A detailed guide is provided to walk you through how the assembly is done. We provide quality screws to join the different banquet armchair parts to form full banquet armchairs. Ordering knockdown banquet armchairs help save shipping costs since a single or fewer container is required to load many.

Why You Should Buy From Trinity Furniture

banquet Armchair

Purchasing banquet armchairs from Trinity Furniture helps you save money for other purposes since they are durable and can withstand different weather conditions. The banquet armchairs can conveniently be used outdoors, and weather elements like the sun can’t damage them. This applies to the ghost chairs with arms and aluminum-framed banquet armchairs that we produce.

Be rest assured that any banquet armchair Trinity Furniture supplies to you are produced to meet international standards. To this effect, we have acquired many manufacturing certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more to guarantee our renowned customers including you that our banquet armchairs are high-quality. And because we deliver on our promise, event planners and organizers in North America, Europe and other parts of the world come to us for all their banquet seating solutions.

Our customer care team is on standby 24/7 to answer any inquiries and provide information on banquet armchair orders. Feel free to request a quote at any time, we don’t charge you for quotes.

Safe Packaging, Reliable & Quick Ship Banquet Armchair

Banquet Armchair

You can order banquet armchairs in large quantities and Trinity Furniture will produce them to last longer. Not only does Trinity Furniture manufacture banquet armchairs quickly using 20 production lines, but we also supply them on time using trusted shipping lines. Our average shipping duration by sea is 20-30 days and 5-7 days with airfreight. All products from Trinity Furniture are thoroughly inspected to ensure their quality is not compromised and these checks are done before they are packaged and loaded for shipping. Packaging is safely done to prevent banquet armchairs from being damaged during shipping.

banquet Armchair

Order Other Banquet Furniture From Trinity Furniture

Other event furniture like folding chairs, folding banquet tables, cocktail tables, wedding chairs, and all hospitality furniture can be customized at Trinity Furniture. We customize modern banquet chairs with armrests and Chiavari chairs based on customer requirements.

Email Trinity Furniture now to buy banquet armchairs.

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