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  • Wholesale Banquet Hall Chairs With Five Years Warranty
  • High-Quality Banquet Hall Chairs Designed For Commercial Use
  • Stronger Designed Dovetail Joints Wood Banquet Hall Chairs for Sale
  • Fully Welding Metal Frame Banquet Hall Chairs Heavy Support Body Weight
  • Modern Design UV Stable Plastic Banquet Hall Chairs For Indoor And Outdoor Use
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Your Wide Range Of Banquet Hall Chairs Supplier In China

  • Supply Different Grade Banquet Hall Chairs Meet Your Projects Budget
  • Supply Standard, With Wheels, And Stackable Banquet Hall Chairs For Wholesale
  • Supply 300 + Modern, Classic, And ContemporaryDesign Banquet Hall Chairs For Sale
  • Supply Various Colors, Upholstery, With And Without Armrest Banquet Hall Chairs For Your Projects
  • Wholesale Banquet Hall Chairs Manufactured By Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, And Plastic

Standard Banquet Hall Chairs Series

banquet hall chairs
Fabric Upholstered Molded Sponge Waterfall Seat Cushion Function Hall Chairs For Sale
banquet hall chairs
Black Frame Stacking Design Banquet Hall Chairs In Grey Fabric Upholstery
banquet hall chairs
Gold Frame Durable Banquet Hall Chairs With Red Velvet Upholstered Cushions
banquet hall chairs
Customize Trapezoid Back Stackable Designed Banquet Hall Chairs For Sale
banquet hall chairs
Supply High-End Oval Back With Velvet Upholstered Banquet Hall Chairs Wholesale
Banquet Hall Chairs
White Powder Coated Frame And Vinyl Upholstered Banquet Hall Chairs
Banquet Hall Chairs
Custom Made Full Welded Iron Or Aluminum Frame Chairs For Wedding Hall Use
Banquet Hall Chairs
Wholesale Luxury Fabric Upholstered Stackable Banquet Hall Chairs For Sale
Banquet Hall Chairs
Classic Designed Gold Wedding Hall Chairs With 2'' Molded Sponge Cushion
Banquet Hall Chairs
Iron And Aluminum Frame Available Party Hall Chairs With Molded Backrest Sponge
Banquet Hall Chairs
Aluminum Frame Heavy Duty Function Hall Chairs With Swing Back Design
banquet hall chairs
Champagne Color Powder Coated Aluminum Chairs For Marriage Hall Use

Why Trinity Can Be Your Reliance Function Hall Chairs Manufacturer In China

  • Experienced Staff Working Banquet Hall Chairs For Over 10 Years
  • Global Five Star Hotels Banquet Hall Chairs Quality Supplier List Since 2010
  • 50,000 Square Meter Modern Factory Support Your Banquet Hall Chairs Order
  • High-Tech Welding Machines, CNC Machines, And More Produce Your Banquet Hall Chairs
  • Past 5 Years Succeed Shipped 100+ Container High-End Chairs For Banquet Hall In Global Hotel

Experienced Banquet Hall Chairs Manufacturer In China

banquet hall chairs

Trinity Furniture manufactures durable banquet hall chairs in an ultramodern factory in China. We are a banquet hall chairs manufacturer and have been producing since 2005. We custom-made banquet hall chairs with your specifications. The strong banquet hall chairs we manufacture can withstand constant use and can be used for many years without weakening. This saves you repair and replacement costs.

Trinity Furniture uses durable materials like metals, molded sponge, fabric, plywood, and more to produce long-lasting banquet hall chairs requiring minimum maintenance. We can use materials that match your budget to produce durable banquet hall chairs.

We produce a wide range of banquet hall chairs with different backrest designs like crown back banquet hall chairs, dome back banquet hall chairs, trapezoid back banquet hall chairs, teardrop back banquet hall chairs, and more.

Wide Range Of Banquet Hall Chairs Wholesale

banquet hall chairs

Trinity Furniture customizes metal banquet hall chairs exactly how you want them. We produce them with steel frames or aluminum frames and padded seats for comfort. We customize smooth-edged metal frames to prevent injuries. Trinity Furniture can chrome the metal frames in any color you prefer.

As a banquet hall chairs manufacturer, Trinity Furniture produces banquet hall chairs for easy storage when stacked. We customize stacking chairs for halls with plastic bumpers to prevent scratches on the metal frames.

Trinity Furniture can customize banquet hall chairs with different seat materials. We can customize upholstered seats, metal seats, polycarbonate, and polypropylene seats, resin seats, and wood seats. The seat type depends on the banquet hall chair design you prefer. We can personalize banquet hall chair seats depending on your specifications and the event type.

For 16 years as a banquet hall chair supplier, Trinity Furniture has been producing durable banquet hall chairs with double support braces for longevity. The braces serve as extra support to help the chair carry different body weights.

High-End Banquet Hall Chairs For Sale

banquet hall chairs

We can use different fabrics and vinyl to upholster sponge for the seats and backrest. Trinity Furniture can make custom banquet hall chair seats with high-density foams and the thickness is customized based on your requirements. The upholstered sponge passes the CA 117 and BS 5852 standards making them fire-resistant and heat-resistant.

With the wholesale banquet hall chairs we customize, Trinity Furniture additionally produces floor glides to protect different floor surfaces from damage. The floor glides help the banquet chairs to slide smoothly on polished floors. We also supply height adjustable glides for banquet hall chairs to easily stand if the ground is not smooth enough. We give free extra floor glides.

As a worldwide banquet hall chairs supplier, Trinity Furniture supplies banquet hall chairs to every country. We have acquired many certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more to guarantee durable banquet hall chairs.

Trinity Furniture manufactures all banquet hall chairs in our 50,000 square meters factory. We use modern high technology machines like automatic metal bending machines, welding machines, and more to produce banquet hall chairs. All our machines are computer-controlled to speed up production.

Extensive Range Of Banquet Hall Chairs For Your Halls

banquet hall chairs

We have over 300 design banquet hall chairs for sale in our 3000 square meters showroom, and there are also banquet hall chair samples on display for you to check the quality before order. Trinity Furniture can also ship you a free sample to check the banquet hall chair’s durability.

Trinity Furniture sends you banquet hall chair drawings with the design and style you want. Our designers can alter the drawings to your specifications. Once you are satisfied with the banquet hall chair drawings and have approved them, we start mass production.

We use 20 production lines to manufacture banquet hall chairs faster and deliver them on time. Trinity Furniture supervisors oversee the production lines ensuring the banquet hall chairs are produced the same as the drawings you approved.

Trinity Furniture can manufacture 3000 banquet hall chairs in 2 weeks. We can finish production in 7 days if you need the banquet hall chairs early.

Our quality control team checks each banquet hall chair to ensure they meet international standards and are high-quality. We do the quality checks before your banquet hall chairs are loaded into shipping containers.

Trinity Furniture puts bubble plastic bags around banquet hall chairs to keep them protected during shipping. Trinity Furniture stack banquet hall chairs together and can load over 1000 pieces in a container to reduce shipping costs.

There are different shipping options available to choose from. We can ship your banquet hall chairs in containers and you will receive them within 30 days. Trinity Furniture uses the fastest shipping by airplane and you receive banquet hall chairs in 5-7 days.

Professional Sales Team Response Your Banquet Hall Chairs Inquiries

banquet hall chairs

Our customer care team is available every day to answer all your inquiries and facilitate your order. We answer all your inquiries by email and phone call almost immediately during working hours and within 8 hours after work. Trinity Furniture gives a free quote to let you know the banquet hall chair’s quantity total amount. We offer 1-year after-sales support.

Trinity Furniture also offers a 3 years warranty for all your banquet hall chairs. During shipping, if there are any damaged banquet hall chairs, we replace them for free.

Besides banquet hall chairs, Trinity Furniture also manufactures hotel furniture, event furniture, resort furniture, banquet tables, wedding furniture, and many other hospitality furniture.

Message Trinity Furniture now for your next banquet hall chair orders.


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