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  • Hospitality Seating Manufacturer In China Since 2005
  • Supply Fully Assembled And Disassembled Designed Hospitality Stools
  • Supply Upholstery Seat With Or Without Back Rest Hospitality Bar Stools For Sale
  • Customize 65 cm, 75 cm, And Height Adjustable Hospitality Stools For Wholesale
  • Customize Hospitality Rattan Bar Stools, Wooden, Plastic And Metal Hospitality Stools
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Your Top 10 Hospitality Stools Manufacturer In China

  • Over 50 Containers Hospitality Stools Shipped Every Month
  • 16+ Years Experience Working In Hospitality Stools Industry
  • Succeed Supply High-End Hospitality Stools To 100+ Five Star Hotel In Global
  • Customize Aluminum Hospitality Rattan Bar Stools For Outdoor And Indoor Use
  • 50,000 SQM Modern Commercial Hospitality Furniture Factory Support Your Projects
  • 20 Production Lines & 300 Experienced Staff Manufacturing Quality Hospitality Bar Stools

Standard Hospitality Stools Series

Hospitality Stools
Supply Transparent Ghost Bar Stools With Back For Wholesale
Hospitality Stools
Offer Clear Acrylic Ghost Stool With Back For Events
Hospitality Stools
Wholesale 75 Cm Seat Height Ghost Bar Chairs For Sale
Hospitality Stools
Customized Amber Round Hospitality Stools For Hotel Bar Counters
Hospitality Stools
Modern Style Steel Frame Hospitality Bar Stools For Sale
Hospitality Stools
Custom Made Vinyl Upholstered Hospitality Stools For Bars
Hospitality Stools
Powder Coated Aluminum Frame Hospitality Rattan Bar Stools
Hospitality Stools
High-End Hospitality Rattan Bar Stools For Outdoor Use
Hospitality Stools
Wholesale Black Powder Coated Hospitality Rattan Bar Stools
Hospitality Stools
Five Star Hotel Use Aluminum Hospitality Rattan Bar Stools

Why Trinity Can Be Your Hospitality Stools Projects Supplier

  • Design And Custom Made Different Height Hospitality Stools For Sale
  • Supply Different Material Hospitality Stools Meet Your Projects Requirements
  • Experienced DesignersResearch And Design Over 100+ Hospitality Stools Every Year
  • Commercial Use Hospitality Stools Upholstery Passed CA 117 & BS5852 Certification
  • Supply Modern, Classic, Contemporary, And Different Style Hospitality Stools For Wholesale

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Customize Hospitality Bar Stools For Your Projects

Trinity Furniture produces durable hospitality stools for deluxe, conventional, express, and 5-star hospitality establishments. We supply various kinds of hospitality stools all over the world including Canada, North America, Europe, Dubai, Singapore, and any country. We customize hospitality stools with your specifications to fit your hospitality establishment.

We customize different hospitality stools with durable materials like solid wood, stainless steel, aluminum, rattan, and more. For wooden hospitality stools, we use wood that has less than 8% moisture content to prevent shrinking and cracking. During wet seasons, your wooden hospitality stools do not swell due to the dry wood we use.

Trinity Furniture produces round-seated hospitality stools with four long legs. We customize the legs to be firm enough to support heavy body weights. You can use these simple hospitality stools in bars and anywhere you prefer in your hospitality establishment.

We can also customize modern hospitality stools made with chromed stainless steel legs and a cushioned seat. The soft padded cushion seats provide comfort when sitting for long hours. We can customize modern hospitality stools with a backrest to help provide support for your spinal cord and prevent backaches.

Trinity Furniture can also customize hospitality rattan bar stools with an aluminum frame for outdoor use. The PE-rattan and aluminum used makes the hospitality stool weather-resistant and prevents it from rusting or damaging making them last longer. You get to save on maintenance and repair costs.

We can also customize upholstered hospitality bar stools for all hospitality establishments. Trinity furniture uses high-end upholstery material like velvet fabric and Italian leather-based on your requirements. We upholster the seats with high-density foams and produce either strong wooden or metal legs. The upholstery material we use is fire and heat resistant due to the CA 117 and BS 5852 standards they pass. As a result, your upholstered hospitality stools can withstand a couple of minutes in a fire outbreak without burning. Also when the atmospheric temperature is extremely high, your upholstered hospitality stools won’t be damaged.

Trinity Furniture customizes the hospitality stool legs with firm bars in between the legs to provide a surface for resting your legs. The bars also serve as a support to strengthen the hospitality stool legs and make them last longer.

Also, we can customize wingback hospitality stools. The wingback design offers a comfortable relaxation when sitting and prevents any form of backaches. The top frame including the seats and backrest are customized with high-density foams and upholstered with the material of your choice.

Trinity Furniture can also produce aluminum hospitality stools that are more suitable for outdoor use in hospitality businesses like resorts. Trinity Furniture powder coats the aluminum with a protective layer to prevent rust. They can withstand any harsh weather conditions and are produced with smooth edges to prevent injuries.

Apart from hospitality stools that have four legs, Trinity Furniture can also customize hospitality stools with a single middle leg on a round base. The single-leg is mostly made with stainless steel due to its exceptional strength to support different body weights. We can also produce plastic-seated hospitality stools with a single middle leg on a round base. We attach a foot stand on the leg to rest your leg and prevent leg cramps.

Trinity Furniture produces all hospitality stools in a 50,000 square meters factory. The factory is equipped with modern machines like CNC cutting machines, automatic welding machines, and other automatic machines used to produce quality hospitality stools. With the support of computer-assisted machines,  we produce hospitality stools with top-notch quality and without faults.

Before production, we send you hospitality stool designs for approval. You can request a change and we will revise the hospitality stool designs. Once you confirm the final designs, Trinity Furniture starts manufacturing the hospitality bar stools using 20 production lines.

Trinity Furniture can produce as many as 3000 pieces of hospitality stools in 30 days. Our fastest lead time is 15 days for urgent orders.

We have supervisors with more than 16 years of experience stationed at the production lines to ensure the hospitality chairs are produced the same as the drawings you approved. We ensure that all your hospitality chairs are produced to meet international standards.

Trinity Furniture also has a quality control team that inspects hospitality stools before they are packaged and loaded into containers. They check each hospitality stool to ensure they are safe to use without any rough edges or parts that can hurt you.

Trinity Furniture also has a 3000 square meters exhibition room with hospitality stool samples on display. The exhibition room opens Monday – Saturday during working hours for you to visit and check the quality. We can also arrange and ship a free sample to you to access the quality before placing an order.

Trinity Furniture does safe packaging to ensure you receive your hospitality stools in the best condition and quality. We place EPE protective foams around the hospitality stool and put them inside a 7 layer export carton for extra protection from damages during shipping. We also have plywood box packaging available if you want.

Your hospitality stools can be loaded into containers and shipped with an arrival date of 30 days. For faster shipping, we can also send by cargo airplane which has an arrival date of 5-7days.

Our customer care representatives are on standby to reply to your emails and answer your calls during working hours. Also, after working hours, you get a reply to your questions within 8 hours. Trinity Furniture also provides after-sales support for 1 year.

Trinity Furniture has passed many certifications including ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more for producing durable hospitality stools. We provide a free quote to help you know the total cost for the hospitality stool quantity you want, the materials to be used, and when production will be completed.

Besides hospitality stools, Trinity Furniture can produce resort furniture, outdoor furniture, and all hospitality furniture you may need for hospitality projects.

Call Trinity Furniture today to order durable hospitality stools.


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