Over 15 Years Hotel Bar Furniture Supplier In China

  • Top 10 Commercial Hotel Furniture Manufacturer In China
  • Hotel Bar Stools Heavy Support Weight Capacity Over 600 Lbs
  • Design, Custom, Manufacture Hotel Bar Furniture Meet Your Bar Area Space
  • Customize Wide Variety Of Hotel Bar Furniture For Modern, Lounge, Luxury Bar
  • Manufacturing Hotel Bar Stools, Hotel Bar Tables, And Other Hotel Bar Furniture
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Your Professional Hotel Bar Stools Manufacturer Since 2005

  • Provide Over 100 Various Design Hotel Bar Stools For Sale
  • Customize Wood, Metal, Plastic, Folding Hotel Bar Stools And More
  • Design And Manufacture Different Height Hotel Bar Stools Meet Your Requirements
  • Manufacture Swivel, Adjust Height, Back Less, Upholstered Hotel Bar Stools, And More
  • Customize Wide Range Color Hotel Bar Stools Match Your Hotel Bar Area Interior Decor

Standard Hotel Bar Furniture Series

Hotel Bar Furniture
Customize Hotel Bar Stools Furniture For Hospitality Industry
Hotel Bar Furniture
Supply Wood Bar Stools And Other Hotel Bar Furniture For Sale
Hotel Bar Furniture
Customized Classic Style Hotel Bar Furniture For Wholesale
Hotel Bar Furniture
High-Quality Velvet Upholstered Modern Hotel Bar Furniture
Hotel Bar Furniture
Stainless Steel Frame Luxury Hotel Bar Furniture
Hotel Bar Furniture
Wooden Carving Commercial Hotel Bar Furniture

Why Trinity Can Be Hotel Bar Furniture Supplier Leader In China

  • 300+ Experienced Staff Manufacturing Your Hotel Bar Furniture Fast
  • R & D Team Design Multiple Hotel Bar Furniture For Sale Each Month
  • Over 50,000 Square Meter Hotel Bar Furniture Factory Support Your Order
  • 20 Quality Control Staff Inspect Hotel Bar Furniture Quality During Whole Process
  • Export Over 50 Containers Each Month & 100+ Hotel Bar Stools Distributors In Global

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Custom Hotel Bar Furniture For Your Projects


Trinity Furniture is your trusted hotel bar furniture supplier for high-quality hotel bar stools, hotel bar tables, and any hotel bar furniture you need. We have been a certified hotel bar furniture manufacturer in China since 2005. We have passed certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more giving you an assurance that you will receive hotel bar furniture that meets international standards. We produce the best hotel bar furniture for sale anywhere in the world.

Trinity Furniture produces hotel bar furniture that gives excellent first impressions. We can customize hotel bar stools, hotel bar chairs, hotel bar tables, hotel bar carts, hotel bar wine racks, hotel bar reception desks, and more. Trinity Furniture produces any hotel bar furniture types, specifications, and design you want.

Trinity Furniture supplies hotel bar furniture to every location in the world. We deliver to North America, Canada, Dubai, Europe, and any country. Apart from high-quality hotel bar furniture that lasts for many years, we also offer the best customer service you would ever receive.

For the past 16 years, 5-star hotels in America and Europe have purchased durable hotel bar furniture from Trinity Furniture. Our hotel bar furniture provides a welcoming experience to guests as well as provides them with the best comfort.

We use the best materials that contribute significantly to hotel bar furniture strength ensuring that they last longer. The materials we use to provide safety to guests that visit your hotel bar. Trinity Furniture uses materials like hardwood wood and metal to produce durable hotel bar furniture.

Trinity Furniture uses solid wood like oak, mahogany, birchwood, beechwood, maple, and more to produce wooden hotel bar stools. We design wooden hotel bar stools to show the natural wood grain for a beautiful look. We can customize hotel bar stools in any design you prefer.

Trinity Furniture can customize hotel bar stools with a backrest to support the spinal cord making it comfortable to sit for longer periods. We produce padded cushions for comfortable seats on hotel bar stools. Based on your requirements, Trinity Furniture can customize hotel bar stool height that guests can sit comfortably by the countertops and have their drinks.

We can also customize a luxury hotel bar stool with high-quality upholstery material like velvet and imported Italian leather. They make your hotel bar look more modern. We can also produce beautiful designs like tub chairs and wingback hotel bar chairs.

Trinity Furniture produces hotel bar tables with wood or metal depending on your requirements. With the best designers in the hospitality industry, Trinity Furniture can customize hotel bar tables in perfect shape and height to match your hotel bar’s interior design. We produce the tables with smooth edges to prevent accidental cuts, hence we prioritize safety.

Also, we manufacture hotel bar cabinets for storing wine glasses and drinks. Trinity Furniture uses high-quality wood to produce cabinets that last longer. The wood we use is dried and chemically treated to prevent termite attack thereby making your hotel bar cabinets last longer than you would have expected.

Trinity Furniture also manufactures hotel bar carts to provide the best customer service. We produce both wooden and metal carts based on what you want. We can customize them in any design that you prefer including hotel bar carts with shelves underneath. We use the best rubber tires to make it easier to move the bar carts. Trinity Furniture produces stable hotel bar carts to prevent accidental tipping over and breaking wine and other drinks arranged on them.

As experts in producing hotel bar furniture, Trinity Furniture can also customize hotel wine racks. We customize them in designs that prevent the drinks from falling on the floor and breaking. This also prevents injuries from broken wine bottles.

Trinity Furniture uses modern machinery like CNC cutting machines, edge-banding machines, and other automatic machines to produce long-lasting hotel bar furniture. Our machines are computer-controlled to ensure that the hotel bar furniture is produced without errors. This process allows for faster production so that you can receive your goods early.

Trinity Furniture produces all hotel bar furniture in our 50000 square meters hotel furniture factory. We use 20 production lines in our factory to produce hotel bar furniture faster than anywhere else.

In addition to our hotel furniture factory, we have a 3000 square meters showroom for displaying hotel bar furniture samples to check their durability. Trinity Furniture can also ship one hotel bar furniture sample to you.

In 30 days we can manufacture 3000 hotel bar furniture and if you need them urgently, Trinity Furniture can produce them in 15 days.

We can produce already assembled and knockdown hotel bar furniture depending on which type you want. If you choose the knockdown type which needs to be assembled on arrival, we can pack many in fewer shipping containers. This saves you extra cost that would have otherwise been used to load additional containers.

Trinity Furniture provides you with an assembling guide for knockdown hotel bar furniture. You can effortlessly follow the step by step guide and put together any hotel bar furniture.

We have a well-equipped call center with a customer support team available at any time to answer your questions and provide any information you need. We offer a full 1-year after-sales support.

As a hotel bar furniture supplier, we offer a 3 years warranty for all the hotel bar furniture you buy. Within the valid warranty period, Trinity Furniture will replace your faulty hotel bar furniture. During shipping, if any hotel bar furniture is damaged, we will replace it at no cost.

Additionally, Trinity Furniture also manufactures hotel room furniture, hotel lobby furniture, hotel reception furniture, hotel lounge furniture, hotel pool furniture, hotel outdoor furniture, and more.

Call Trinity Furniture today to order your next hotel bar furniture.

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