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  • Solid Wood Frame Hotel Closets
  • Open Designed Metal Frame Closets
  • Sliding Doors And Open Doors Designed Closets
  • MDF Frame With Melamine Designed Meet Your Limited Budget
  • Plywood Frame With Natural Grain Veneer, “Formica”  & “Wilsonart” Laminate
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The Most Experienced Hotel Closets Manufacturer In China

  • Started Working In Hotel Closets Production Since 2005
  • ISO 9001 Certificated Quality Control Teams Found In 2010
  • 10+ Years Experienced R&D Team Provide Closets Design Ideas
  • 80% Staff Working In Hotel Furniture Industry More Than 12 Years

Standard Hotel Room Sofa Series

hotel closets
Custom Made High-Quality Chinese Style Hotel Room Closet
hotel closets
Open Designed Chromed Metal Frame Hotel Closet For Sale
hotel closets
Wholesale Hotel Closets Made Of Metal And Plywood Frame
hotel closets
Customize Four Open Doors Hotel Closets For Hilton Hotel Bedrooms
hotel closets
Guestroom Use Full Height Designed Hotel Closets With Open Doors
hotel closets
Open Designed Hotel Closets With Cloth Hanger For Hotel Apartment Use

Why Trinity's Hotel Closets Are Your 1st Choice

  • Durable Furniture Hardware “DTC” & “HAFELE”
  • Provide Easy Guide Assembly Instruction & Video
  • Hotel Closets Raw Material Are Formaldehyde-Free
  • Customize The Perfect Size Closets Fit Hotel Bedroom Space
  • Simple Structure Designed Fastest Assembled In 5 Minutes

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Hotel Room Closet Manufacturer

Hotel Closets

Trinity Furniture is a high-quality hotel closet manufacturer in China. For over 15 years, we have been manufacturing closets for hotels like Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, and more. Since 2005, Trinity Furniture has and continues to supply closets to hotels in North America, Canada, Europe, and other countries. We provide spacious storage for your hotel guests.

We can manufacture any quantity you want and deliver them to you on time. Whether you operate a boutique hotel, resort hotel, or any hotel type, we can manufacture closets to match your hotel style.

You can contact us at any time for inquiries or request a free quote. Within 8 hours, we will respond to you with a free quote for the hotel closet type and quantity you want to order. The quote sent contains the total cost plus shipping cost.

Trinity Furniture helps you save money on shipping. We can load many separate parts for knockdown hotel closets in a single container, this helps you save on extra shipping charges. Also, the durable hotel closets you order can let you spend less or nothing on maintenance for many years.

Trinity Furniture has acquired many certifications including ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more. This guarantees your high-quality hotel room closets can last many years. All hotel closets are manufactured to meet international standards.

At Trinity Furniture, you are assured of receiving hotel closets in quality condition. We do quality checks on all hotel closets before shipping them. None of the hotel closets you receive has any defect.

Materials Used for Manufacturing Hotel Closets

Hotel Closets

Trinity Furniture uses durable materials to manufacture all kinds of hotel closets. Quality materials like solid wood, plywood, veneer, metal, laminate, and more are used. Every material we use is meticulously checked to ensure it is durable before using it. We have a furniture material team full of experts, they acquire all the quality materials used for manufacturing.

The wood we use contains less than 8% moisture content. No matter the atmospheric condition, it does not shrink or swell. Also, Trinity Furniture uses termite-resistant hardwood and plywood.

Any metal used for manufacturing is covered in a protective coat to prevent rusting and corrosion. Aluminum is powder-coated and steel is chromed. The protective finish helps to prolong the lifespan of metal hotel closets.

Additionally, Trinity Furniture uses quality hardware that contributes to how long hotel closets last. We use hardware from renowned companies like DTC and HAFELE to customize hotel closets. They reinforce the closet’s strength.

Hotel Closet Types

Hotel Closets

Trinity Furniture manufactures the largest collection of hotel closets. Whatever closet type you want, we can manufacture. We manufacture standard hotel closets and custom-made hotel closets.

We produce wooden hotel closets with beautiful finishes. We use both hardwood and plywood to manufacture wood closets for hotels worldwide. Trinity Furniture can manufacture different variations of wooden hotel closets with modifications that match hotel room designs. Also, we can combine other materials to the wood and produce your preferred hotel closets.

Our metal hotel closets are one of the strongest you can get anywhere. Trinity Furniture produces durable metal-framed hotel room closets with smooth finishes. They don’t have any rough edges that can hurt hotel guests.

We can manufacture hotel closets with soft close doors, they close gently on their own. This makes the closet doors withstand frequent opening and closing without weakening. The soft-close feature also helps hotel guests to avoid hurting their fingers when they accidentally slam closet doors.

Also, Trinity Furniture manufactures open hotel closets. These allow hotel guests to quickly pack and unpack their clothes. We can customize open closets with luggage stands. Also, we can customize them with a clothing rack for hotel guests to easily hang their clothes.

Trinity Furniture can manufacture hotel closets with drawers. We can customize soft close drawers and they last longer than the types that don’t have the automatic close feature.

For larger hotel rooms, we can manufacture walk-in closets. They are customized luxurious and your hotel guests get different storage options. Trinity Furniture can manufacture this hotel closet type for presidential suites. We can provide you with a free layout design of how to set it up.

We manufacture already-assembled hotel closets in our factory. You can use them as soon as they arrive. No further assembly is required when you receive them, it saves you time.

Hotel Closet Designs

Hotel Closets

Trinity Furniture can customize many hotel closet designs. We custom-make hotel closet designs to complement your hotel rooms’ interior decor.

We can customize hotel closets with light. The lights can be automatically turned on when hotel guests open the closet doors and turn off when doors close.

Trinity Furniture can customize hotel closets with a built-in wall design. With the plan of the space allocated for the closet, we can customize an accurately sized closet to fit in the space. We can provide you with a guide or instructional video on how to fix the built-in wall closet for hotel rooms.

We can customize different hotel closets with mirrors on the surface per your request.

Your hotel closets can also be customized with dependable closet accessories like partitioned storage for various items. This helps your hotel guests to keep their belongings organized.

Hotel Closet Manufactured To Your Specifications

Your hotel closets are manufactured based on your requirement. No matter the specification, Trinity Furniture can customize it. We produce closets for hotels with custom-made width, height, color, and material type.

You can select from our wide range of standard colors, also we can customize colors for your hotel closets. Trinity furniture can spray paint wooden hotel closets to nicely expose the natural wood grains.

We customize hotel closet width and height based on the hotel room sizes. Experienced designer using AUTOCAD to create hotel room furniture layout design, you can get hotel room closet size and other furniture layout plan as well.

Also, we can customize hotel closets with sliding doors. The doors slide to open and close, this is convenient for limited hotel room space.

How Your Hotel Closet Is Manufactured

Hotel Closets

A hotel closet drawing is created by our designers and sent to you for confirmation. This is done before manufacturing begins. Any change you want, we can revise and send you the final drawing. Once you approve, we mass-manufacture the closet quantity you have ordered.

Trinity Furniture manufactures hotel room closets in a 50,000 square meters factory. Modern machines like CNC wood cutting machines, automatic metal cutting, bending machines, and other computer-controlled machines are used for manufacturing. There are 20 production lines with supervisors ensuring the hotel closets are manufactured the same as the drawing you approved.

Also, we have a 3,000 square meter furniture showroom with hotel closets for sale. Before manufacturing Trinity Furniture can create a hotel bedroom mockup with a closet and send you pictures and videos. This shows how does your hotel bedroom furniture including closets looking.

The average lead time for 500 hotel room closets is 20-30 days. Urgent orders and peak season orders can be manufactured in 15 days or less.

Your #1 Hotel Closet Supplier

We are not limited by hotel location. No matter where you are in the world, we can deliver custom-made hotel closets.

Trinity Furniture delivers your hotel closets using either sea-freight or air-freight. It takes 20-30 days for sea-freight goods to arrive. Disassembled hotel room closets shipped via air-freight arrive at the destination port in 5-7 days. Once closets leaving China, We send you all the important documents to clear your goods.

Before shipping hotel closets, we safely package them with plastic bubble wraps, EPE foams, and a 7-layer export carton. Our unique packaging protects your products from damages during shipping.

Free Services You Get When You Order From Us

Hotel Closets

Trinity Furniture offers a 2 years warranty for all your purchases. Within the warranty period, we can do free repairs for you. During shipping, if any of your goods are damaged beyond repair, we will replace them for free.

Also, you get a free 1-year after-sales support. Don’t hesitate to contact us for support after receiving your hotel closets.

When you order knockdown hotel closets, we send you an assembling manual and video. Within a short time, you can put together many hotel closets using the easy-to-follow instructional guide.

Buy Durable Hotel Closets & Furniture From Trinity Furniture

Besides high-quality hotel closets, we manufacture hotel chairs, headboards, hotel bed frames, nightstands, hotel mirrors, and all hospitality furniture.

Email Trinity Furniture today to order high-quality hotel closets.

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