Supply High Quality Contract Furniture For Hotels

  • Hotel Contract Furniture Quality Inspect In Whole Manufacturing Process
  • 300+ Experienced Staff Manufacturing High-End Hotel Contract Furniture
  • Dovetail Joint Designed Wood Frame Hotel Contract Furniture More Stronger
  • Hotel Contract Furniture Upholstered Passed CA 117 And BS 5852 Certification
  • Fully Welded Hotel Contract Furniture Frame Increase Weight Capability Maximum
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Your Full Range Hotel Contract Furniture Supplier In China

  • Design, Custom, Manufacture, And Ship Hotel Contract Furniture All In One Service
  • Supply Modern, Classic, Contemporary, And Other Styles Hotel Contract Furniture For Sale
  • WideRange Leather, Vinyl, Velvet, And More Upholstery Material For Hotel Contract Furniture
  • Supply Wood, Plywood, Metal, Veneer, Laminate, And More Manufacture Hotel Contract Furniture
  • Supply Hotel Contract Furniture For Express Chain Hotels, Five Star Hotels, Luxury Hotels, And More
  • Customize Hotel Contract Furniture For Lobby, Lounge, Bedroom, Restaurant, Outdoor Area, And More

Standard Hotel Contract Furniture Series

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Modern Style Hospitality Contract Furniture For Hotel Bedrooms
hotel contract furniture
Design Bedroom Furniture And Other Contract Furniture For Hotels
hotel contract furniture
Provide Complete Set Hotel Contract Furniture Wholesale
hotel contract furniture
Supply King Size Bed And Other Hotel Contract Furniture For Sale
hotel contract furniture
Offer Quality Commercial Hotel Contract Furniture For Hospitality Projects
Hotel Contract Furniture
Customized Various Design Contemporary Hotel Contract Furniture
Hotel Contract Furniture
Custom Made Modern Hotel Contract Furniture For Guestrooms
Hotel Contract Furniture
5 Star Hotel Contract Furniture For The Crown Plaza Hotel Bedrooms
Hotel Contract Furniture
Quick Ship Types Of High-End Hotel Contract Furniture
Hotel Contract Furniture
Experienced Manufacturing High-Quality Hotel Contract Furniture

Why Trinity Can Be Your Hotel Contract Furniture Manufacturer In Global

  • Complete Bespoke Hotel Contract Furniture Meet Your Hotels Style
  • Over 100 Hotel Contract Furniture Distributors And Partners In Global
  • More Than 16 Years High-End Hotel Furniture Manufacture Experience
  • Succeed Ship Over 1000 Containers Hotel Contract Furniture To Oversea Hotels
  • Hotel Contract Furniture Manufacturer For The InterContinental Hotels, Hilton Hotels, And More

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Customize Contract Furniture For Hotels


Trinity Furniture can customize all types of hotel contract furniture with bespoke designs for hotel restaurants, lobbies, lounges, bedrooms, and other places. Due to the high-quality hotel contract furniture we produce, we have been the preferred hotel contract furniture supplier for 5-star hotels in North America, Europe, Canada, and many countries in the world. We customize exclusive furniture including luxury contract furniture for all hotels. We manufacture the most durable furniture frames for all types of contract furniture.

Whether you want hotel contract furniture for your hotel bedrooms, swimming pool areas, reception, or any other place within the hotel, Trinity Furniture can customize them exactly how you want them. We do product customization based on your requirements using the materials you prefer, the designs you prefer, and the finishing you want. Trinity Furniture customizes a wide range of hotel contract furniture to the furnishing of hotel projects.

Materials like solid wood are used to produce long-lasting hotel contract beds. Your hotel guests need to wake up from bed feeling refreshed after a comfortable night’s sleep. And the best way to offer them this experience is to use Trinity Furniture’s hotel contract beds that are great support for hotel mattresses. The selection of wood we use for hotel contract bed frames has less than 8% moisture content to prevent shrinking and swelling. This makes the wooden hotel contract beds stable and prevents them from developing squeaky noises no matter how long they are used.

Trinity Furniture manufactures an extensive range of headboards with durable plywood and veneer for modern hotel rooms. They can be customized with your specifications including the size, weight, and paint color. Trinity Furniture can produce headboards that are attached to hotel contract beds or as a separate unit that can be fixed on the wall above the hotel bed. Whatever design you want on the headboards, Trinity Furniture can conveniently customize it.

The furniture hotel guests use in hotel lobbies and lounges should be comfortable and make them feel welcomed, and Trinity Furniture is the best hotel contract furniture manufacturer to give them that experience. We customize select contract furniture for hotel lounges and lobbies for perfect relaxation. The sofas and chairs Trinity Furniture manufactures are designed to provide optimum comfort no matter how long you sit. They are customized with comfy backrests that support your back to prevent backaches. Whatever type of select contract furniture seating you need, Trinity Furniture can customize it just as we have been doing for 5-star hotels for the past 16 years.

Trinity Furniture customizes hotel contract furniture differently based on which part of the hotel they will be used. For outdoor use, we customize hotel contract furniture with materials that can withstand different weather conditions. Whether it rains frequently or the sun rays directly shine on the outdoor hotel contract furniture, they won’t be destroyed. We design them with materials like rattan and wicker with aluminum frames that are best known for their ability to withstand any weather conditions. Your preferred outdoor hotel contract furniture can last longer without having to worry about replacing them.

Also, Trinity Furniture can customize any type of metal-framed hotel contract furniture. Whether it is chairs, sofas, beds, tables, or other hotel contract furniture, we can customize them with metal frames using either steel or aluminum. Trinity Furniture chromes the steel and powder coats the aluminum to prevent rust and also for a luxury look.

All the Trinity Furniture hotel contract furniture supplied to different countries is manufactured in our 50,000 square meters factory in China. We have acquired all the relevant manufacturing certifications including ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more which assures you that we produce the best quality select contract furniture in the hospitality industry.

Trinity Furniture can produce the most stunning upholstery hotel contract furniture for all hotels. We use durable upholstery materials that are heat-resistant and can even withstand fire for about 30 minutes.

No matter which country you are in, Trinity Furniture customizes hotel contract furniture that is allowed for safe use in hotels. We customize each hotel contract furniture to meet international standards. Before we ship your order, Trinity Furniture does quality checks on each hotel contract furniture to ensure quality is not compromised.

At any time, you can contact Trinity Furniture for inquiries on contract furniture including hotel bedroom furniture and lounge furniture. We respond to all inquiries during working hours and provide you with a free quote to know the cost of the total number of hotel contract furniture you want. Trinity Furniture can customize 3000 units of select contract furniture in 30 days or less. In case you need a certain number of select contract furniture urgently, we can customize them in the shortest lead time. The lead time for urgent orders is 10-15 days depending on the quantity you need. Trinity Furniture can also produce a hotel contract furniture free sample in 5 days and send it to you to check the quality before ordering a large quantity.

We have a stunning range of select contract furniture displayed in a 3000 square meters contract furniture showroom. You can visit our contract furniture showroom which is opened from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8 am -6 pm. Our customer care team is always available to help you with your order.

Trinity Furniture delivers hospitality furniture in durable packages to prevent any form of damage during shipping. We wrap hotel contract furniture with plastic bags, put EPE foams around them for shock absorption, and then put them in 7-layer export cartons to prevent scratches. We then ship them either in containers and for faster shipping, we use airplanes.

As a hotel furniture supplier in the hospitality sector, Trinity Furniture can also manufacture hotel mirrors, hotel towels, and hotel mattresses. At Trinity Furniture, we deliver more value including unique furniture designs to clients. We give a 3 years warranty for all purchases made by clients.

Call Trinity Furniture now or send us an email to order any type of hotel contract furniture.





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