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  • More Than 300 Designs Hotel Lobby Chairs For Sale
  • 15 Years Commercial Hotel Furniture Manufacturer In China
  • R & D Teams Make Your Hotel Lobby Chairs Dreams To Be True
  • R & D Staff Design Hotel Lobby Chairs Fit Your Hotel Lobby Interior Decors
  • Select Suitable Material Manufacture Hotel Lobby Chair Meet Your Hotel Locations

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Wide Variety Of Styles Hotel Lobby Chairs For Sale
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Hotel Lobby Chairs
Wholesale A Wide Variety Of Hotel Lobby Chairs

Why Trinity Can Supply High-Quality Hotel Lobby Chairs To International Five Star Hotels

  • 100 % Hotel Lobby Chair Quality Inspect Before Packing
  • Hotel Lobby Chairs Samples Set Up Before Mass Production
  • Hotel Lobby Chairs Raw Material Quality Inspection Before Manufacturing
  • Production Supervisors Inspect Hotel Lobby Chairs Quality During Manufacturing
  • Long-term Cooperate Supplier Provide High-Quality Material Manufacture Hotel Lobby Chairs


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Custom Hotel Lobby Chairs For Your Projects


With 15 years of experience in manufacturing hotel lobby chairs for five-star hotels, Trinity Furniture, a hotel furniture manufacturer in China can produce any type of hotel lobby chair you need. We specialize in customizing different hotel lobby chair designs no matter how complicated the design may be.

Trinity Furniture can customize various hotel lobby chairs like armchairs and side chairs with comfortable seats and backrests. We design the lobby chair backrest to provide good support to your back and prevent any possible spinal cord damage. Trinity Furniture manufactures ergonomic hotel lobby chairs that help prevent you from developing body aches after sitting for a longer time. We manufacture hotel lobby chairs using international standards with materials like hardwood, fabric, and leather that last longer and help prolong the lifespan.

We have a team of designers that do fully research and understand what you need, and design many hotel lobby chair types to suit your hotel lobby interior decoration. At any time, before we start manufacturing all your hotel lobby chairs, our experienced designers can make changes to your hotel lobby chair designs until you approve it.

Trinity Furniture uses steel bending machines to create many steel hotel lobby chair frames. We also use CNC cutting machines to cut correct uniform wooden frame sizes of hotel lobby chairs, all the machines are controlled by a computer, you will get the exact same hotel lounge chairs. Our seasoned craftsmen pay attention to your design details and create beautiful hotel lobby chair shapes just as you want. Whatever shape you want, we can create it.

Your hotel lobby chair frames are produced with quality solid wood like oak, mahogany, birchwood, and more that do not rot. Trinity Furniture dries wood to have an insignificant amount of moisture content to make your hotel lobby chairs maintain their shape throughout their lifetime usage. We treat all the wood we use to prevent dry wood termite infestation before upholstered with velvet fabric, linen, vinyl, and leather.

Trinity furniture design stronger wood dovetail hotel lobby chair frames to be able to support different body weights and prevent the chair from losing its firm shape or breaking due to excessive weight on it.

We have a well-trained team that upholstered each hotel lobby chair excellently without exposing the inner material. The upholstered hotel lobby chairs we design makes your hotel lobby area luxurious and always looks good as new for many years until you decide to replace them. Trinity Furniture also can customize a fully upholstered hotel lobby chair with fabric or leather to your liking.

Trinity Furniture uses a 50000 square meters factory to produce all the hotel lobby chairs you order. We have 300 staff working in our hotel furniture factory, at each stage of manufacturing, there are workers who are focused and specialized in that manufacturing part to efficiently produce your hotel lobby chairs without flaws. There is a quality control team that checks the hotel lobby chairs quality being produced as manufacturing continues, and when manufacturing is over they check again before loading hotel lobby chairs into shipping containers.

Trinity Furniture can supply you with 3000 customized hotel lobby chairs in a month and as many as that same quantity in just 15 days if you have a limited time. We assign a customer care representative especially to you to help provide all the information you need, and can arrange to manufacture starts early for you to receive goods to set up your hotel lobby area. You can send us an email or call at any time for support, and for a period of 1 year, you will receive post-sales support from Trinity Furniture.

In Trinity furniture, we can provide you hotel lobby chairs layout design for free if you can send us hotel lobby area measurement details, from our design you can easily confirm hotel lobby chairs and other hotel lobby seating quantities and order.

Trinity Furniture can ship you one free sample to let you physically touch and inspect the hotel lobby chairs quality we can produce. Whenever we ship your products, we wrap them in anti-moisture plastic, pack them in protective thick foams and cardboards to safeguard them from damages before loading them into shipping containers.

You can get any type of hotel lobby chair and other hotel furniture like hotel restaurant furniture, hotel bedroom furniture, hotel outdoor furniture, and more from Trinity Furniture. Wherever you are in the world, Trinity Furniture can deliver with high-end, in the past 15 years, we have shipped to over 60 countries and still counting, we can ship to any port in any country.

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