Why You Should Design Your Hotel Lounge Furniture At Trinity Furniture

  • High-End Hotel Lounge Furniture Supplier Since 2005
  • Over 10 R & D Staff Support Your Hotel Lounge Furniture Design
  • Modern, Luxury, Contemporary Hotel Lounge Furniture Available
  • Provide Various Kinds Of Materials To Customize Your Hotel Lounge Furniture
  • Provide Hotel Lounge Furniture Drawings For Your Approval Before Manufacturing.
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Your #1 Hotel Lounge Furniture Manufacturer That Support Your Projects

  • Perfectly Designs Hotel Lounge Furniture To Meet Your Hotel Interior Styles
  • Provide Existing Design And Custom-made Hotel Lounge Furniture Service
  • Over 300 Staff And 5 Production Lines Custom made Your Hotel Lounge Furniture
  • CNC Cutting & Other High-tech Machines Are Used To Manufacture Your Hotel Lounge Furniture
  • Wide Range Of Fabric And Leather Upholstered Opinions Available For Your Hotel Lounge Furniture.

Standard Hotel Lounge Furniture Series

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Customzies Vast Array Of Hotel Lounge Furniture With Different Materials For Sale
hotel lounge furniture
Wholesale High Quality Leather Upholstered Hotel Lounge Furniture
hotel lounge furniture
Custom Made Commercial Use Hotel Lounge Furniture
hotel lounge furniture
Provide Luxury Hotel Lounge Furniture For Five Star Hotel Use
hotel lounge furniture
Customize Exquisite Collection Of Hotel Lobby Lounge Furniture

Why Trinity Furniture’s Hotel Lounge Furniture Perfect For Your Hotels

  • Designs Comfortable And Relaxing Hotel Lounge Furniture
  • Ship Hotel Lounge Furniture Within 20 days Or Faster In Peak Season
  • Stunning Design And Five Years Warranty On All Hotel Lounge Furniture
  • After-Sales Teams Answers Frequent Questions On Your Hotel Lounge Furniture
  • Wide Range Of Hotel Lounge Furniture Suitable For Different Space In Your Hotel

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Custom Hotel Lounge Furniture For Your Projects


If you need durable luxury hotel lounge furniture for any hotel project, Trinity Furniture, a 15 years experienced hotel lounge furniture manufacturer, is your best option. We are hotel lounge furniture suppliers capable of customizing different lounge furniture for comfortable relaxation in hotel waiting rooms. We manufacture hotel lounge furniture that complies with international standards.

Trinity Furniture designs hotel lounge furniture specific to your hotel lounge space. We can create a lounge design layout based on your hotel lounge size to help you know the exact number of hotel lounge furniture that can fit in the space.

At our 50000 square meters hotel furniture factory in China, we can manufacture many types of hotel lounge furniture like hotel lounge chairs, hotel lounge sofas, and hotel chaise lounge. We design strong and luxurious hotel lounge tables to accompany the hotel lounge chairs.

Trinity Furniture designs different shaped hotel lounge tables to match your lounge interior. Even if the shape is complicated, we can produce it with a laminate or marble top making it look elegant. We can also produce extraordinary glass-top hotel lounge tables with steel legs for express and 5-star hotels in America, Dubai, Europe, and many places.

At Trinity Furniture, we can manufacture 300 sets of different hotel lounge furniture in just 4 weeks, and can reduce the lead time to 2 weeks during peak seasons if you need them urgently.

Trinity Furniture has customized full upholstered hotel lounge sofas for numerous 5-star hotels. We can customize L-shaped and U-shaped lounge sectional sofas with comfortable seats. The seats are made firm and do not sink inside after a long time of use. You can get different shaped hotel lounge sofas like stylish round ones that offer more sitting space but take less space in the lounge area.

We can produce hotel lounge chairs in a solid wood frame with cushion seats and foamy backrest. Trinity Furniture can design this type of hotel lounge chair with an upholstered arm to offer soft and more comfortable support for you. Additionally, we can design a steel-framed armchair with thick foamy seats and backrest. All the hotel lounge chair types we design are made to prevent any form of discomfort that may result from sitting for a long time.

You can get many hotel lounge furniture designs like Eames style hotel lounge chairs to offer exceptional support and extreme comfort. We customize it with premium leather for a luxury look and use steel for its legs. The hotel lounge chairs are made to be abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant to prolong their lifespan.

Trinity Furniture manufactures contour winged chairs and different wingback lounge chairs. We design these hotel lounge chairs with wooden legs and style it as if it is hugging you from the back when you sit.

Trinity Furniture can also produce other hotel lounge-style furniture like Platner lounge chairs and side chairs with soft curves. We use high-grade Italian leather and high-end velvet fabric for a contemporary look.

Whatever type of modern hotel lounge sofa you want, we can customize it with long-lasting materials and design it to match your lounge decoration. We can produce a chesterfield lounge sofa with matching side pillows to provide extended comfort and give a luxurious feel. We can design and fully assemble every part of the sofa or produce ones with the legs as the only pieces that need to be assembled.

You can also get other hotel lounge-style sofas like wooden framed and steel frames sofa with no backrest. The cushions we provide with these sofas are made thick and support your body weight enough for comfort even though there is no backrest.

At Trinity Furniture, we produce hotel lounge furniture with modern machines like CNC cutting machines and edge-banding machines controlled by computers for accurate and faster production. We use other automatic hotel lounge furniture machines to produce durable hotel lounge chairs, lounge tables, and sofas that need no replacement for many years.

No matter your country, Trinity Furniture company doors are open for you to visit. We have a 3000 square meters showroom you can visit and check the hotel furniture samples we can produce. Upon your request, Trinity Furniture can send you a free sample of the hotel lounge furniture type you want to order.

In the first 3 years after purchase, we can send you free parts for replacement when hotel lounge furniture parts are broken. We can even replace your hotel lounge furniture that cannot be repaired without you incurring extra cost.

Trinity Furniture ensures that your hotel lounge furniture is shipped in foams and cartons for protection against any form of damage. We can arrange for the best transportation for faster shipping to let you receive your products on time. Trinity Furniture can send your hotel lounge furniture using an airplane and you can receive them in 6-8 days. We can also pack them in containers and send them to you using cargo ships.

At any time, our customer service team is ready to provide you any kind of support related to purchasing hotel lounge furniture. We even provide after-sales support for up to 1 year.

For knockdown design hotel lounge furniture, Trinity Furniture sends you an instructional guide with a step by step procedure on how to assemble it. We make the assembling guide simple so that you can assemble more furniture in a short time.

On any day, you can contact Trinity Furniture to customize other hotel furniture for your hotel project. We can customize hotel bedroom furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, hotel outdoor furniture, resort furniture, and many more.

Call Trinity Furniture Today to order your hotel lounge furniture.

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