Order Durable Luggage Racks For Guest Rooms

  • Fixed Or Foldable Hotel Style Luggage Rack Are Available
  • Hotel Room Luggage Rack Support Weight Capacity Over 200 Lbs
  • High-Quality Hotel Luggage Rack Leather And Nylon Straps Available
  • Hard Wood And Fully Welded Metal Frame Luggage Rack For Hotel Room Us
  • Wide Range Of Wood Paint And Metal Chromed Color Selection For Hotel Luggage Rack
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Your Top 10 Hotel Luggage Rack Supplier In China

  • Wide Range Of Hotel Luggage Bench Raw Material Selection
  • Luggage Rack In Hotel Room Easy Folding And Storage Design
  • Wholesale 300 + Modern Design Luggage Rack For Hotel Rooms
  • Free Supply Hotel Suitcase Rack Sample Inspect Quality Before Place Order
  • Free Provide Hotel Room Luggage Rack And Other Hotel Bedroom Furniture Layout Design

Standard Hotel Luggage Rack Series

Hotel Luggage Rack
Foldable Hotel Room Luggage Rack With Shelf
Hotel Luggage Rack
Folding Designed Hotel Style Luggage Rack
Hotel Luggage Rack
Metal Brush Hotel Folding Luggage Rack With Brown Leather Stripe
Hotel Luggage Rack
Golden Chromed Metal Luggage Rack In Hotel Room
hotel luggage rack
Wood Frame With Black Fabric Stripe Upholstered Luggage Rack For Hotel Rooms
hotel luggage rack
Dark Brown Foldable Luggage Rack For Guest Rooms
hotel luggage rack
Lightweight Designed Hotel Luggage Rack For Bedroom
hotel luggage rack
Wholesale Wood And Metal Hotel Luggage Rack For Sale
hotel luggage rack
Wooden Hotel Luggage Rack In Black Paint And Leather Upholstered
hotel luggage rack
Gold Chromed And Black Leather Upholstered Metal Hotel Luggage Rack
hotel luggage rack
Stainless Steel Frame Silver Color Hotel Quality Luggage Rack
hotel luggage rack
High-End Rosegold Chromed Metal Frame Hotel Type Luggage Rack

Why Trinity Can Be Your 1# Choice Hotel Luggage Rack Manufacturer

  • Quick Ship Fully Container Hotel Luggage Rack Within 14 Days
  • 50,000+ Square Meter Hotel Luggage Rack Production Factory
  • Customize Different Style And Size Luggage Rack For Hotel Rooms
  • 300+ Experienced Staff Manufacturing Your Hotel Room Luggage Rack
  • 16+ Years Experience On Hotel Luggage Holder & Other Hotel Furniture Manufacturing

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Customize Anti-Slip Hotel Luggage Rack For Your Projects

Trinity Furniture focuses on manufacturing high-quality hotel luggage racks and supplying them to all hotels in North America, Canada, Europe, and any other country. We customize hotel style luggage racks in modern designs to match the interior hotel room decoration. Trinity Furniture customizes hotel luggage racks based on your requirements. We produce both factory-assembled hotel luggage racks and knockdown luggage racks for hotel rooms.

We use high-quality materials like solid wood, chromed stainless steel or powder-coated steel, and nylon straps to produce hotel suitcase rack. We use wood like beechwood with less than 8% moisture content to prevent shrinking and swelling. This provides the strength needed to support the different suitcase weights. The powder-coated and chromed stainless steel prevents rust and gives a luxurious look.

Trinity Furniture produces wooden hotel luggage racks with nylon straps to hold suitcases and other luggage. We can produce wooden hotel luggage racks in colors like natural beechwood, walnut color, white, black, and any other color you prefer. Trinity Furniture ensures that solid wood hotel luggage racks show the natural wood grains making them look more beautiful. We use CNC cutting machines to perfectly cut the parts and produce durable hotel luggage racks with a uniform size.

Also, We can customize metal hotel luggage racks for hotel rooms. Trinity Furniture uses automatic bending steel machines to produce perfect stainless steel hotel luggage racks. We ensure that the stainless steel luggage racks for guest rooms have smooth steel bars and edges making them harmless.

Trinity Furniture can produce folding hotel luggage racks to hold different-sized luggage. You can fold them and put them away when not in use. Trinity Furniture produces these luggage racks for hotel rooms with limited space. Our hotel luggage racks are strong, durable, and can last many years.

We can add a custom logo embroidery to the hotel luggage rack frame and the nylon strap. Trinity Furniture uses the latest embroidery technology and machine to put high-quality logos on any luggage rack in hotel rooms.

You can request customized hotel luggage racks with straight edges or curvy edges from Trinity Furniture. For hotel luggage racks with curved edges, we use an advanced bending machine to perfectly bend the edges. Despite the curved edges, they are super strong and can hold heavy luggage.

Trinity Furniture provides plastic and rubber gliders to use on hotel luggage rack legs and prevent them from scratching hotel room floors. We also add free extra gliders to your order for replacing spoilt ones when necessary.

We can customize hotel luggage racks with 3 or more nylon straps depending on the luggage rack size. No matter the number of straps, Trinity Furniture customizes luggage racks in hotel rooms to provide good support for any luggage.

Trinity Furniture can also customize hotel luggage racks with a lower shelf. The lower shelf can be used as storage space for shoes or to store anything off the floor.

Our design team draws the hotel luggage rack type you want. The drawings are sent to you for approval. Anything you want to be changed on the drawings would be altered by our designers. Once you accept the final drawings, our production team starts manufacturing.

All the different hotel luggage racks are produced in Trinity Furniture’s 50000 square meters factory in China. We have 300 staff working in the factory to ensure you receive the best quality hotel luggage racks in the shortest time possible.

A 3000 square meters hotel furniture showroom is attached to the factory to display hotel luggage rack samples. We exhibit the samples for you to check their quality. Trinity Furniture can also ship a free hotel luggage rack sample to inspect quality before placing mass order.

Trinity Furniture has an average lead time of 30 days and we can produce 3000 hotel luggage racks within that duration. When there is urgency, we can produce the hotel luggage racks in 15 days.

Our customer service representatives are available every day to provide any hotel luggage rack related support you need. When you make inquiries, we will provide information via email or phone call within 8 hours. We also provide after-sales support for 1 year.

We have many certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more to serve as an assurance that you will receive high-quality hotel luggage racks. We use internationally accepted standards to manufacture long-lasting hotel luggage racks.

When you order hotel luggage racks from Trinity Furniture, they arrive nicely packaged without any damage. We put luggage racks for hotel rooms in protective 7 layer export cartons with EPE foams for safeguarding against damages during shipping.

Trinity Furniture can ship your hotel luggage racks in containers and it takes 30 days to receive them. We can also transport them to you using airplanes, and it takes 5-7 days to receive them.

Before you order, Trinity Furniture will send you a free quote with the necessary information provided. The information sent to you includes the materials we will use, the hotel luggage rack quantity, and the shipping cost.

Trinity Furniture produces knockdown hotel luggage racks to be assembled on arrival. We can load more in fewer containers to save cost. Trinity Furniture provides a free guide to help you assemble hotel luggage racks within a limited time.

We provide a 3 years warranty for all purchases made from Trinity Furniture. We provide free parts to replace any broken hotel luggage rack. If a packaged hotel luggage rack gets spoilt during shipping, we will replace it for free.

Other than hotel luggage racks, Trinity Furniture also produces hotel wardrobes, hotel room desks, hotel room chairs, hotel nightstands, hotel headboards, hotel bed frames, and more.

Contact Trinity Furniture now for your next hotel luggage rack order.

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