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  • 16+ Years Hotel Mattress Manufacturer In China
  • Provide Hotel Foam Mattress, Hotel Latex Mattress, And More
  • 100+ Different Design Hotel Mattress Wholesale For your Projects
  • Provide Hotel King Mattress, Hotel Queen Mattress, And More Sizes
  • Design And Custom Made Different Thickness Hotel Quality Mattress For Sale
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Your Experienced High-Quality Hotel Mattress Supplier

  • Modern Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Found In 2005.
  • BreathabilityHotel Mattress Top Cover Make You Enjoy Sleeping
  • Within 7 Days Fastest Delivery Full Container Hotel Room Mattress
  • Over 300 Experienced Staff Manufacturing Your Hotel Quality Mattress
  • Supply Diameter 2.0 mm Up To 2.5 mm Hotel Mattress Spring Meet Your Budget

Standard Hotel Mattress Series

Hotel Mattress
Supply Three Layer Luxury Hotel Collection Mattress For Rooms
Hotel Mattress
Supply Different Density Hotel Foam Mattress For Bedrooms
Hotel Mattress
Wholesale Fully Sizes Series Hotel Mattress For Sale
Hotel Mattress
Provide Various Thickness And Material Hotel Mattress Wholesale
Hotel Mattress
Custom Made Wide Range Design Hotel Room Mattress For Guestrooms
Hotel Mattress
Luxury Fabric Upholsted Hotel Type Mattress For Hospitality Projects
Hotel Mattress
Provide Different Upholstered Hotel Quality Mattress For Wholesale
Hotel Mattress
Supply Different Thickness Hotel Latex Mattress For Sale
Hotel Mattress
Custom Made Hotel Firm Mattress With Bonnell Springs
Hotel Mattress
Wholesale Quality Hotel Standard Mattress For Projects
Hotel Mattress
High-End Finished Pocket Spring Hotel Mattress
Hotel Mattress
Customized Various Sizes Bonnell Spring Hotel Mattress

Why Trinity Can Manufacture Quality Mattress Use In Luxury Hotels

  • 50,000 Square Meter Hotel Grade Mattress Manufacturing Factory
  • Imported Latex & Memory Foam Customize Hotel Quality Mattress
  • Special Designed Firm Side & Softer Side Five Star Hotel Mattress For Sale
  • Automatic Stitch And Embroidery Machines Customize Your Hotel Type Mattress Top Cover
  • Automatic Hotel Mattress Spring Machines Customize Any Size Springs Meet Your Requirements

Customize Your 5 Star Hotel Mattress For Sale


Trinity Furniture produces hotel mattresses to promote deep and relaxing sleep with maximum support for your body. Trinity Furniture is a hotel mattress manufacturer in China and has been supplying high-quality hotel room mattresses to different hotels in every country. In our 16 years as hotel mattress suppliers, we have delivered over 30,000 hotel comfort mattresses that last longer than they are expected to.

Trinity Furniture makes custom hotel mattresses with specifications based on your requirements. We wholesale hotel quality mattresses like memory foam mattress, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, and more for 5-star hotels in North America, Europe, and many places. Trinity Furniture can customize all hotel mattresses with edge support to prevent rolling off the mattress when you sleep.

For every hotel mattress we produce, we ensure they meet international standards making it safe, comfortable, and long-lasting. We have acquired various certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more to supply only durable hotel mattresses. We produce hotel mattresses that are able to withstand constant use without being worn out.

Trinity Furniture produces different hotel type mattresses like double, queen-size, king-size, and super king-size mattresses. All the hotel mattress sizes we produce are made-to-order to match particular hotel room bed sizes and designs.

Trinity Furniture can customize the hotel mattress thickness with specific inches. Based on 16 years of experience as hotel mattress manufacturers, Trinity Furniture can suggest what hotel mattress thickness is more suitable for different hotel rooms and customize them with the dimensions you want.

We produce memory foam mattresses for renowned hotels in North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and many countries. We customize a memory foam mattress with 3 different layers including the top layer made with memory foam, the middle layer made with a ventilated pressure relief foam and the base layer is a high-density base foam. The top layer reduces pressure points to give you the best night’s sleep.

Trinity Furniture can also customize hotel latex mattresses with durable latex material to provide a comfortable sleep. The latex conforms to your body’s shape and provides enough support for relaxation while preventing body aches. We customize the latex mattresses to be antisepsis, anti-dust, and hypoallergenic for allergic reaction prevention and also prevent bacteria growth on hotel mattresses.

At your request, Trinity Furniture can also customize hotel Pocket spring mattresses. We produce high-quality pocket spring mattresses with advanced temperature management technology that draws away heat from the mattress. We design them with coil springs at the base to support its tight top layer and provide you a restful sleep. We cover each pocket spring with fabric to prolong their lifespan and provide you a comfortable sleep without feeling the impact of the springs.

Trinity Furniture also customizes Bonnell spring mattresses for hotels. We produce these with round hourglass-shaped springs connected with each other to create a durable and supportive mattress base. We customize the mattress top with super comfortable foams for a good night’s sleep.

We can also customize your hotel mattresses as compressed rolled mattresses and compressed flat mattresses. Since they take less space, we can load many compressed rolled mattresses and flat mattresses into containers to save shipping costs.

As a hotel mattress supplier, we can customize all hotel mattresses to fit your hotel bed frames perfectly. Based on your hotel bed frame size you give us, we produce hotel mattresses in a size that can fit in the bed frame without overlapping at the edges.

We can also customize hotel mattresses to be stain and fade resistant to help keep the mattress fresh. Trinity Furniture produces luxury hotel mattresses with this feature to make them look luxurious and withstand constant use.

In our 3000 square meters showroom, we have hotel mattresses for sale and on display for you to check the quality. Since our hotel grade mattresses are produced with top quality, Trinity Furniture can as well ship a free sample for you to examine and find out that they are hotel quality mattresses.

Trinity Furniture also ensures that the hotel mattresses last longer by covering the foam with a durable non-removable material like poly-jacquard for protection. We customize the hotel mattress and its cover to be odor-resistant and make them smell good.

We can produce high-end premium hotel mattresses that can withstand fire for a couple of minutes. This helps you save the cost of replacing them in the case of accidental fires.

If you are unable to determine which hotel type mattress to use in your hotel rooms, Trinity Furniture can help you with that. Based on which hotel room they will be used, and our expertise, we can customize the perfect hotel quality mattresses.

Trinity Furniture can also produce box springs on which you can place your hotel mattresses. The box springs serve as a base layer to stabilize all hotel mattresses and give the most comfortable sleep. You can order these together with your hotel standard mattresses.

You can contact our customer care team for hotel mattress-related support at any time. We provide any information you need within 8 hours after sending us an email. We also offer 1-year after-sales support. Trinity Furniture provides a free quote to know how much it will cost to order the quantity you want.

Trinity Furniture customizes all hotel mattresses in our 50,000 square meters factory with advanced machines. During production, we have supervisors that ensure that the hotel mattresses are produced the same as what you ordered. After production, our quality control team does quality checks before the hotel mattresses are packaged and loaded into containers.

Trinity Furniture can produce 3000 hotel mattresses in a 10 day average lead time. We can also produce them in 5 days if you want us to supply them early.

You get a 1-year warranty on each hotel mattress and in case you receive a defective hotel style mattress, Trinity Furniture will replace it at no cost to you.

Trinity Furniture wraps the hotel mattresses in plastic bags, packs them in boxes, and loads them in containers for shipping. They arrive about 30 days after shipping. We send you a list containing the quantity you ordered and the shipping containers they have been loaded in.

Aside from hotel mattresses, Trinity Furniture also produces hotel headboards, hotel bed frames, hotel wardrobes, hotel nightstands, and all other hotel’s indoor and outdoor furniture.

Email Trinity Furniture today to purchase your next hotel mattress.

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