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  • Experienced Hotel Sofa Manufacturer Since 2005
  • Imported Italian Leather, Velvet, 350 gsm Quality Fabric, And More
  • Hotel Room Sofa Sponge Density Over 50 KG/M³ Heavy Support Your Guests Body Weight
  • Hardwood Frame Moisture Content Under 8%, And Powder Coated, Chromed Metal Frame
  • Automatic Stitching Machines And CNC Fabric Cutting Machines Manufacturing Your Sofa Order
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The Professional Hotel Room Sofa Manufacturer In China

  • Supply 3D Drawings For Your Approval Before Pace Order
  • Professional In High-End Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Industry
  • Provide Hotel Room Furniture Layout Design And Sofa Size Suggestion
  • Design, Custom, Manufacture, And Load Hotel Room Sofas In 2 Weeks

Standard Hotel Room Sofa Series

hotel room sofa
Fabric Upholstery Hotel Room Sofa Set With Center Table
hotel room sofa
Three Seat Upholstery Hotel Room Sofa With Oval Bench
hotel room sofa
Solid Wood Base Hotel Room Sofa And Wood Coffee Tables
hotel room sofa
Wholesale Two Seat Upholstery Hotel Room Sofa For Sale
hotel room sofa
White Fabric Upholstery Hotel Room Sofa For Five Star Living Room Use
hotel room sofa
Hard Wood Frame Hotel Room Sofa With Round Bench For Suite Rooms
hotel room sofa
American Style Hotel Room Sofa Set For Modern Hotel Use
hotel room sofa
Velvet Upholstery Hotel Room Sofa With Wood Legs

Why Trinity Can Manufacturing Comfortable Hotel Room Sofa For You

  • Manufacturing Extra Soft Cushions For Sofas If Necessary
  • Development Team Do Lots Research Before Design Your Sofa
  • Using Down Feather, Leather, Velvet To Custom Your Hotel Room Sofa
  • Design And Custom Made Perfect Hotel Room Sofa Sizes For Different Countries

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Customize Hotel Sofa For Rooms

hotel room sofa

Order any hotel room sofa you want from Trinity Furniture. We are a hotel room sofa manufacturer in China. Renowned hotels including 5-star hotels in North America, Canada, Europe, and other countries have been purchasing our durable hotel room sofas since 2005.

Trinity Furniture manufactures and supplies thousands of hotel room sofas every year for new and existing hotels. We produce them in different styles to match the interior decor of hotel rooms.

We can produce a modern hotel room sofa with different color options. Before manufacturing, Trinity Furniture sends you a sofa drawing with details on the type, design, and color you prefer. You can approve the drawings that we begin manufacturing or ask for some changes till you approve them.

We have a 3,000 square meters showroom with hotel room sofa samples on display. You are welcome to visit us and check the samples we have. Trinity Furniture can also arrange and send you a hotel room sofa sample for you to examine its quality. After checking the quality, you can place an order.

Materials Used For Manufacturing Hotel Room Sofa

hotel room sofa

Trinity Furniture uses durable materials like solid wood, metal, foam, and more to manufacture room sofa for hotels. We have furniture materials experts with over 15 years of experience that are in charge of securing quality materials for hotel bedroom sofa manufacturing. They check the materials’ quality to ensure that it adds value to the sofa and also make the sofa last longer.

The wood used for manufacturing contains less than 8% moisture content. This makes it resistant to shrinking and swelling. Also, this ensures the sofa maintains its shape and firmness. The sofa for hotel rooms we produce with wood maintains even sides throughout every season. Also, we chemically treat wood to prevent termite attack, this increases the longevity of all wood sofas for hotels.

Either aluminum or steel is used to manufacture hotel room sofas. We powder coat aluminum to prevent rusting. Chroming is a protective layer we add to the surface of the steel to make it rust-resistant as well as corrosion-resistant.

Hotel Room Sofa Types

hotel room sofa

Trinity Furniture manufactures a large collection of hotel room sofas. Whatever bedroom sofa type you want, we can manufacture it. 5-star hotels in the USA and Europe prefer to buy from us due to the variety we provide. You have plenty of options to choose from when buying sofas for hotel rooms.

We manufacture wooden-framed hotel room sofas with quality hardwood. The hardwood makes the wooden sofa stronger to accommodate the different weights of people that sit on it without breaking. For certain wood-framed sofa types, the entire frame isn’t covered with upholstery, the wooden legs are visible. We manufacture wooden sofas based on your preference.

Our metal-framed hotel room sofas are a must-have in your hotel room due to their magnificent look and long-lasting nature. The chroming on the steel frames is a luxurious finish that makes steel-framed sofas fit for luxury hotel rooms.

Trinity Furniture manufactures upholstered hotel room sofas. We use quality upholstery material like velvet fabric, Italian leather, faux leather, and more. The upholstered hotel room sofa we manufacture meets the CAL 117 and BS 5852 standards, they are fire-resistant and heat resistant. They can last up to 30 mins in a fire without burning.

Also, we can manufacture hotel sofa sleepers for hotel rooms. Not only can you lay this sofa-type flat to use it as a bed, but you can also easily recline them for a different relaxing position.

Use Trinity Furniture’s simple, stylish and versatile futon sofa in your hotel rooms to provide maximum comfort for hotel guests.

Hotel Room Sofa Designs

hotel room sofa

Trinity Furniture can manufacture any hotel room sofa design you need for your hotel rooms. We can customize them with removable seats. You can remove the seats, clean and then put them back. Also, we can manufacture sofa for hotel rooms with removable cushion covers.

We can manufacture hotel room sofas with tufted designs. This modern sofa design brings a welcoming feel to hotel guests. No matter the shape of the hotel room sofa, we can customize it in a tufted design.

Get the nicest looking modern sectional sofas from Trinity Furniture. For hotel suite rooms, we can manufacture sectional sofas to provide relaxation comfort for hotel guests. Our L-shaped and U-shaped sectional sofas are added seating accessories for hotel bedroom suites.

You can also get circular hotel bedroom sofas from Trinity Furniture. The middle piece of circular sectional sofas can be used as an ottoman or upholstered table.

Hotel Room Sofa Customization

hotel room sofa

Trinity Furniture can customize your hotel room sofas with any number of seats. From a single sofa to three-seater sofa, we can customize fairly sized hotel room sofas. We customize the hotel room sofa with a specific number of seats based on the space allocated for it in the hotel room.

We can customize hotel room sofa in any shape. Your hotel room sofa’s size, height, and weight can also be custom-made. Anything relating to the physical appearance of your hotel room sofa can be customized to your specifications.

At Trinity Furniture we can do logo embroidery for you. We use modern logo embroidery machines with the latest technology to engrave any logo you want on hotel room sofas.

Where We Manufacture Your Hotel Room Sofa

hotel room sofa

Trinity Furniture manufactures all hotel room sofa in our 50,000 square meters factory in China. We use modern automatic machines like CNC cutting machines, automatic upholstery machines, automatic stitching machines, and more for manufacturing.

Manufacturing is completed faster due to the technologically advanced machines and the 20 production lines we use. Each production line has a supervisor ensuring that your hotel room sofa is manufactured exactly the way you want.

All the hotel room sofa you order from Trinity Furniture are manufactured to meet international standards. We have passed many certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more as a guarantee to providing high-quality hotel furniture.

The average manufacturing time for hotel room sofas is around 20 days. This applies to large orders. For minimum order quantity, urgent orders, and peak season orders, the manufacturing time is 15 days or less.

Buy From A Global Hotel Room Sofa Supplier

hotel room sofa

Trinity Furniture is a worldwide hotel room sofa supplier. Your goods are delivered on time for you to arrange in hotel rooms and get the hotel room ready for guests.

Your hotel room sofa is safely packaged with EPE foams to prevent them from breaking. They are put in a protective corrugated export box to prevent other forms of damage during shipping. We also have plywood packaging available if you want.

We use sea-freight and air-freight to ship your room sofas. The average delivery time for goods shipped via sea-freight is 30 days. Hotel room sofa shipped via air-freight arrives in 5-7 days. Trinity Furniture sends important documents to help you clear your goods at the destination port. For the fastest delivery, we can use DHL which takes 3-5 days for you to receive your products.

Get Additional Service When You Buy From Trinity Furniture

Trinity Furniture can offer you a free hotel bedroom furniture layout design. With your floor plan, our in-house designers can create the perfect layout design. This helps you know the number of furniture that will fit in your rooms. You also get to know how to decoratively arrange furniture in any hotel space.

Whatever you order from Trinity Furniture comes with a 1 years warranty. The warranty period validates you to receive furniture repairs. If any of your hotel room sofa is damaged beyond repair during shipping, we will replace it at no cost to you.

We provide you with a free quote for you to know how much you should budget for your order. The quote includes the total furniture cost and shipping cost. Trinity Furniture prepares your quote within 12 hours.

You are offered a free 1-year after-sales support when you purchase from Trinity Furniture. Our customer care team provides support to any challenges you may have after receiving your goods.

For knockdown hotel room sofa, we provide an instructional guide and video to help you assemble the furniture. Within a short time, you can assemble many hotel bedroom sofas.

Purchase Room Sofas & Other Furniture From Trinity Furniture

hotel room sofa

Apart from sofas for hotel rooms, we provide other seating solutions to all hotels. Trinity Furniture also manufactures headboards, hotel bed frames, TV stands, nightstands, luggage stands, hotel tables, and all other hospitality furniture.

Contact Trinity Furniture now to order a hotel room sofa.

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