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Your Durable Hotel Sleeper Sofa Supplier In China

  • Hotel Sleeper Sofa Mechanism Supply A 3 Years Warranty
  • Hotel Sleeper Sofa Powder Coated Metal Frame Lasting Longer
  • Over 300 GSM Fabric Upholstering High-End Hotel Sleeper Sofa
  • Hotel Sleeper Sofa Sponge Passed CA 117 And BS 5852 Standard
  • Hotel Sleeper Sofa Hardwood Frame Moisture Content Less Than 8%
  • Automatic Machines Stitching Fabric And Leather Nicely And Stronger

Standard Hotel Sleeper Sofa Series

Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Dark Blue Fabric Hotel Sofa Sleeper With Chaise Longue
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Fabric Upholstered High Quality Sleeper Sofa With Metal Mechanism
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Mixed Two Color Fabric Hotel Sofa Bed For Sale
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Hardwood Frame Easy Pull Out Designed Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Kinds Of Material Hotel Sleeper Sofa For Sale
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Luxury Gold Chromed Stainless Steel Frame Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Metal Frame Three Seat Hotel Sleeper Sofa With Arms
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Quality Velvet Upholstered Hotel Sleeper Sofa With Cushions
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Solid Wood Frame Two Seat Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Three Foldable Designed Hotel Sleeper Sofa With Solid Wood Legs
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Hotel Sleeper Sofa With Easily Pull Out Metal And Plywood Combine Frame
Hotel Sleeper Sofa
Two Foldable Designed Red Hotel Sleeper Sofa With Metal Base

Why Trinity Can Be Your Best Hotel Quality Sleeper Sofa Manufacturer

  • Over 200 Hotel Sleeper Sofa Distributors In Global
  • Quick Ship Full 40Ft Container Hotel Sleeper Sofa Within 7 Days
  • Fully Assembled And Disassembled Designed Hotel Sleeper Sofa Available
  • Over 15 Years Experience On Manufacturing Commercial Sofa Beds For Hotels
  • Automatic Stitch Machines, Welding Machine Manufacturing Your Hotel Sleeper Sofa

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Custom Made Hotel Sofa Sleeper

Hotel Sofa Sleeper

Trinity Furniture manufactures high-quality sofa sleepers for all hotels including 5-star hotels in North America, Canada, Europe, and other countries. The durable hotel sofa sleeper we manufacture gives hotel guests extra sleeping space. Keeping sofa sleepers in your hotel rooms also gives your hotel guests different relaxation options.

We manufacture hotel sleeper sofas in a 50,000 square meters hotel furniture factory in China. Our factory is equipped with modern furniture manufacturing machines like CNC cutting machines, automatic stitching machines, upholstery machines, and more.

Our average lead time is 20-30 days for full container orders, and 15 days during peak season. We can finish manufacturing in less than 15 days if you need your hotel sofa sleepers urgently. Our computer-controlled machines manufacture hotel sofa sleepers faster, you can receive them early for your hotel project.

Materials Used For Manufacturing Hotel Sofa Sleeper

Hotel Sofa Sleeper

Trinity has been using the finest quality materials to manufacture hotel sofa sleepers for over 15 years. The wide range of materials we use includes solid wood, velvet, plywood, foam, faux leather, Italian leather, metal, and more. Based on your requirements, Trinity Furniture uses specific materials to manufacture the hotel sleeper sofa you want.

Hotel Sleeper Sofa Types

Trinity Furniture is the hotel sleeper sofa manufacturer to talk to if you need different types for your guest rooms. We can manufacture hotel sofa sleepers with a wood frame and fabric upholstery. The wood-framed hotel sofa sleepers that we produce are stable and maintain their firmness for a long time. We use quality solid wood that doesn’t shrink or swell for a durable wood-frame sofa sleeper.

Also, we can manufacture metal-framed hotel sofa sleepers for many hotels worldwide. These hotel sofa sleeper types have visible metal legs. Chromed steel is used since it is strong and can withstand any weight exerted on it. Your metal-framed hotel sofa sleepers can last as long as you need them in your hotel rooms. The chroming on the visible parts of the sofa sleeper makes it luxurious.

Trinity Furniture manufactures upholstered hotel sofa sleepers. We use quality upholstery materials like velvet, and Italian leather to manufacture beautiful hotel sofa sleepers. Our upholstered hotel sofa sleepers meet the CA 117 and BS 5852 standards. They can withstand fire for up to about 30 minutes without burning. They are also heat-resistant and do not get destroyed by extremely hot temperatures.

If you want, we can produce your hotel sofa sleeper with under-seat storage. The storage maintains its position whether the hotel sofa sleeper is opened flat as a bed or put in sofa state. Hotel guests can use the under-seat storage to store any item that can fit.

Hotel Sofa Sleeper Designs

Hotel Sofa Sleeper

We manufacture a vast collection of hotel sofa sleeper designs. Trinity Furniture designers create beautiful, luxurious, and modern hotel sleeper sofa designs for different hotel types. You can choose any design that suits your hotel’s style.

Trinity Furniture can customize hotel sofa sleepers with memory foam and other foam types to provide maximum comfort. We can customize the hotel sofa sleeper to have a twin or queen size when it is opened flat into a sleeper.

We can customize hotel sofa sleepers with a backrest and armrest that opens flat when the sofa is converted into a sleeper/bed. Using a hotel sofa sleeper with this design provides enough relaxing surface in hotel rooms for guests.

Trinity Furniture can also produce hotel sofa sleepers without armrests. This design makes the hotel sofa sleeper ready to be converted faster at any time. We can also manufacture armless hotel sofa sleepers that have a multifunctional design. The multifunctional design includes a sofa state, semi-lying state, and bed state. This gives hotel guests a variety of relaxing positions.

Also, we can manufacture hotel sofa sleepers with seats that can be pulled into a sleeper. With this design, only the sofa seats extend into a sleeper, the backrest and armrest remain intact. We can customize comfortable armrests that hotel guests can lay their heads on and use as a pillow.

We can also customize hotel sofa sleepers with additional legs that fold when in a sofa state and open when in a bed state. The additional legs support the sleeper to withstand weight without breaking. Trinity Furniture customizes this kind of hotel sofa sleeper in high quality to withstand constant use without getting weak.

Again, Trinity Furniture can manufacture hotel sofa sleepers with tapered legs. This leg design gives a nice look to the sofa sleeper and helps to evenly distribute weight.

Trinity Furniture can manufacture hotel sofa sleepers in a versatile design. This unique and luxurious design is customized for armless sofa sleepers. The backrest can be converted flat to create a sleeper. While in a sleeper state, one end of the sofa seat can be raised to provide a more comfortable relaxing surface.

Additionally, we can customize any cushion design like a tufted design. Irrespective of the upholstery material you choose, we can customize a tufted design for you, whether fabric or leather.

You can request a hotel sofa sleeper with any number of sofa seats you want. Depending on the hotel room size and the space allocated for the sleeper sofa, we can customize it with the number of seats that can fit.

Manufacturing Is Done With Your Requirements

Hotel Sofa Sleeper

Trinity Furniture prioritizes details when manufacturing sofa sleepers for hotel rooms. The weight, size, color, material, and more can be custom-made. Though we manufacture standard hotel sofa sleepers, we can custom make them with your own specifications.

We have a furniture color chart that you can choose your preferred color(s) from. You can select a color that matches the color tone of your hotel rooms. We can customize a different sofa seat color from that of the base/legs. Trinity Furniture can customize solid wood legs with a natural color that displays natural wood grain.

When Can You Order Hotel Sofa Sleepers?

At any time of the day, you can send us an inquiry or send an email to place an order. We respond to all emails and inquiries within 8 hours. Our sales team has over 15 years of experience and can provide you with any information you need concerning the hotel sofa sleeper you want to order.

Trinity Furniture provides a free quote for the hotel sofa sleeper quantity you want. We send you a free quote which includes the hotel sofa sleeper total cost plus shipping cost.

Countries We Ship Hotel Sofa Sleeper To

Trinity Furniture is a global hotel sofa sleeper supplier. We can ship hotel sofa sleepers to North America, Canada, Europe, and any country. We use the best shipping companies that handle your hotel sofa sleeper professionally and deliver them to you without any damage.

Your hotel sofa sleepers can be shipped using sea-freight and air-freight. Your high-quality sleeper sofas are loaded into containers and transported on shipping vessels to the destination port with sea-freight. It takes 20-30 days for your sofa sleepers to arrive. Air-freight is the fastest shipping option, your goods arrive within 5-7 days. Trinity Furniture sends you all the necessary documents to help you clear your goods at the destination port.

Before shipping your hotel sofa sleepers, we package them in a way that prevents damage during shipping. We put EPE foams around them to prevent them from breaking. We also put them in a 7-layer export carton for added protection.

Trinity Furniture can ship both factory-assembled hotel sofa sleepers and knockdown hotel sofa sleepers. We can load many knockdown hotel sofa sleepers in one shipping container. This helps you save money on shipping costs.

Benefits Of Buying From Trinity Furniture

Hotel Sofa Sleeper

Trinity Furniture provides a 3-year warranty for all purchases. We provide original furniture parts for maintenance. You also get a free 1-year after-sales support. We continue to provide beneficial services after receiving your products to help your business grow.

We customize a free hotel sofa sleeper sample and ship it to you to check the quality. Afterward, you can order the quantity you need and we will mass-manufacture them.

If you want, we can create a free layout design for different hotel spaces. This helps you know the furniture quantity arranged in hotel bedrooms and other hotel spaces. From the layout design, you get to know what furniture types you have to order for a particular hotel space.

When you order knockdown hotel sofa sleepers, we send you an instructional guide and video to help you assemble them.

Buy All Your Hotel Sofa Sleepers From Trinity Furniture

Hotel Sofa Sleeper

Trinity Furniture can manufacture any hotel sofa sleeper you want as well as other hotel room furniture like hotel beds, headboards, hotel wardrobes and dressers, nightstands, hotel luggage holders, and all hospitality case goods.

Email Trinity Furniture today to order hotel sofa sleepers.

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