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  • Over 15 Years Hotel Towels Manufacturer In China
  • Provide You Incredibly Soft & Super Absorbent Hotel Towels
  • Supply 100% Turkish & Egyptian Cotton Hotel Towels For Sale
  • Wholesale Wide Range Of High-Quality Hotel Collection Towels
  • Supply Hotel Towels Set: Hotel Bath Towel, Hotel Face Towel, Hotel Hand Towel, And More.
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Your Professional Hotel Towels Manufacturer

  • Hotel Towels Weight Up To 700 Grams Per Square Meter
  • Custom Made Different Sizes Hotel Towels For Your Hotels
  • Supply Plain Weaving, Jacquard, Satin, And More Other Hotel Towels.
  • Supply Color Logo Embroidery Hotel Towels Set Up Your Hotel Brand
  • Supply Various Color & Weight Hotel Towels For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Standard Hotel Towels Series

Hotel Towels
A Wide Range Of Quality Hotel Towels Wholesale
Hotel Towels
A Huge Variety Of Hotel Towels For Sale
Hotel Towels
Wholesale 100 % Egyptian Cotton Hotel Grade Towels
Hotel Towels
Quality Hotel Style Towels With Golden Embroidery Logo
Hotel Towels
Complete Set High-End Boutique Hotel Towels For Sale
Hotel Towels
Customize Various Weight Luxury Hotel Towels

Why Trinity Can Be Your Reliable Hotel Towels Supplier

  • Supply High-End Hotel Towels Up To 60 Yarn Count
  • Over 5000 Sets Hotel Quality Towels Wholesale Each Month
  • Supply High-Quality Hotel Towels To Over 100 Five Star Hotels
  • Free Deliver Hotel Towel Set Samples Inspect Quality Before Order
  • Automatic Hotel Towels Weaving, Jacquard Machines Support Your Order

Hotel Towels Manufacturer In China


Trinity Furniture, a hotel towels manufacturer, produces high-quality hotel grade towels for all hotels in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, China, and more countries. Trinity Furniture was established in 2005 and since then, we have been supplying different hotel towel types for 15 years. We make-to-order hotel towels based on your requirements. Trinity Furniture customizes all hotel towel types including hotel wash towels, hotel hand towels, hotel bath mat towels, hotel bath towels, and hotel bath sheets.

We have passed many certifications including ISO 9001, SGS, and more for manufacturing hotel pure cotton towels that last longer.

We design the best hotel towels for sale with long-lasting quality. Trinity Furniture can customize different hotel towel sizes for specific use in the hotel. We produce hotel towels meant to be used indoors and hotel pool towels for outdoor use. We customize hotel wash towels with size 30cm x 30cm to clean the body and get rid of dead skin cells.

With our hand towels which are 50cm x 90cm in size, guests can conveniently wash their hands. Trinity Furniture can customize hotel hand towels in any size and shape you want. We can also do embroidery design in them. You can supply us own designs and we will creatively emboss them with top-notch quality.

Trinity Furniture also customizes hotel bath towels with perfect sizes to wipe off wider skin surface moisture. We can personalize them with 70cm x 130cm, and based on your requirements, we can customize any hotel bath towel size you want. Trinity Furniture also customizes hotel bath towels based on the regular sizes found at hotels in your country.

As trusted hotel towel suppliers, we can customize hotel bath mat towels in shapes and a size based on the specifications you provide. Trinity Furniture produces hotel bath mat towels with 50cm x 70cm size, and we design them to serve as non-slip surfaces to prevent accidental falls.

Trinity Furniture produces hotel bath sheets with extremely bigger sizes like 90cm x 150cm for much moisture absorption. These are more suitable to use at hotel swimming pool areas. Hotel guests find them more comfortable when used after taking a cozy swim session and a hot or cold shower. Trinity Furniture produces hotel bath sheets with longer fiber cotton with high absorbency.

Among our hotel collection towels, we can also make-to-order hotel bathrobes. Trinity Furniture uses premium Turkish cotton to produce bathrobes that provide body warmth, and also easily absorb body moisture. We can produce them in larger sizes to fit different guests no matter their body size.

Trinity Furniture uses only the best Egyptian and Turkish cotton to produce your preferred hotel towels. We ensure that the quality you receive makes the towels last longer and able to withstand regular use. We produce your hotel towels with pure 100% cotton, we don’t mix them with any other materials. The cotton type we use for all hotel-style towels is softer and provides a comfortable feel when used on the body. It absorbs much more moisture than any other fabric material.

Trinity Furniture has a 50000 square meters factory for producing all hotel towels. We use automatic towel making machines to produce different hotel-style towels like embroidery towels, hotel jacquard towels, hotel border towels, and hotel velvet towels.

Our machines are computerized and embroider any logo or lettering with precision. Trinity Furniture customizes the embroidery towels just as you want them, we can do the embroidery anywhere on the towel. Trinity Furniture also supplies border towels with designs that make them look stylish and contemporary. We can design all hotel towel types into border towels to give your guest a nice experience during their stay.

We produce high-quality jacquard towels for luxury. These are high-end hotel-style towels we customize and supply to 5-star hotels all around the world. They are perfect for hotel suites and use luxury hotels.

Trinity Furniture also can produce velvet towels which is a premium high-quality towel you can use in luxury hotels. We do a high-quality hem at the edges to make them last longer.

Trinity Furniture produces different towel weights including lightweight hotel towels, medium-weight hotel towels, and heavy-weight hotel towels. The lightweight towels have 300-400 GSM, and the medium-weight towels have 400-500 GSM while the heavyweight towels have 500-800 GSM. Based on how denser you want your hotel towels, Trinity Furniture can use either premium Egyptian or Turkish cotton to produce them.

Trinity Furniture has a 3000 square meters showroom where we display already produced hotel towel samples. When you visit our hotel showroom, we have a hotel towel catalog where you can choose the hotel towel design, weight, type, and size you want. If you are in a distant country and you can’t visit in person, we can send you a sample to check the quality before we start manufacturing the quantity you have ordered.

Trinity Furniture can produce 3000 hotel towels for you in 30 days. As a hotel towel supplier, we wholesale hotel towels to many hotels in different countries. If you urgently need the hotel towels you have ordered we can deliver them using an airplane to receive them within 5-7days.

Trinity Furniture packages all your hotel towels safely to receive them in a neat package without any type of damage to the towels. We provide a free quote for any hotel quantity you need to know the total cost, and fabric to be used.

In addition to hotel towels, Trinity Furniture can produce hotel room furniture, hotel outdoor furniture, hotel lobby furniture, hotel lounge furniture, hotel room mirrors, and more hotel furniture products.

Call Trinity Furniture now to order any hotel towel quantity you need.


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