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  • More Than 300 Hotel Room Wardrobe Designs For Sale
  • Customize Hotel Wardrobe Dimension Fit Your Hotel Rooms
  • Over 15 Years Commercial Hotel Room Furniture Manufacturer
  • Supply In-wall Hotel Wardrobe, Free Stand Hotel Wardrobe, And More Design
  • Supply Hotel Open Wardrobe, Sliding Doors Hotel Wardrobe, And More Design
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Trinity Furniture - Your Hotel Wardrobes Expert In China

  • 10 Minutes Fastest Assembled Hotel Wardrobe Designed
  • Hotel Wardrobe Doors And Drawers Soft Closing Designed
  • Automatic Induction LED Light Strip Inside Hotel Wardrobe
  • Hotel Wardrobe Interior Design Meet Your Hotel Rooms Requirements
  • Supply Metal Handles And Hidden Handles For Hotel Wardrobe Doors.
  • Supply Wooden, Veneer, Melamine, And Other Material Hotel Wardrobes Meet Your Budget


Standard Hotel Wardrobes Series

Hotel wardrobes
Simple Style Free Standing Hotel Open Wardrobes With Doors
Hotel wardrobes
Modern Style Hotel Room Wardrobes With Shelf And Cloth Hanger
Hotel wardrobes
Supply Wide Range Of Materials Hotel Wardrobes For Sale

Why Trinity Can Be Your Largest Hotel Wardrobe Supplier

  • 300+ Experienced Staff On Hotel Wardrobe Manufacture
  • Within 15 Days Fastest Delivery Hotel Wardrobe In Busying Season
  • Over 50,000 Square Meters Hotel Wardrobe Manufacturing Workshop
  • Deliver 100+ Containers Hotel Wardrobe To Oversea Hotels Every Year
  • Over 30 High-Tech CNC Cutting Machines Support Your Hotel Wardrobe Orders

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Customize Hotel Wardrobes Fit Your Bedrooms


Trinity Furniture is a full-service hotel wardrobe manufacturer in China since 2005. We custom make smooth-surface hotel wardrobes for different hotels. Trinity Furniture can manufacture hotel wardrobes and deliver them to any location worldwide. With our 15 years of expertise in manufacturing durable hotel wardrobes, Trinity Furniture is the brand you can trust.

Trinity Furniture manufactures hotel wardrobes with enough storage space. You can easily use the hotel room wardrobes without any difficulty.

Trinity Furniture can customize and manufacture many hotel wardrobe sizes. You can get different hotel wardrobe sizes depending on your requirements and hotel room space. You can supply us with the bedroom space size and we will manufacture the perfect hotel room wardrobe to fit it.

Trinity Furniture can custom manufacture hotel room wardrobes with any number of doors. We can supply 2 doors, 3 doors, or even more. The number of doors can be based on the hotel room type and how many people living in the hotel room.

Based on your hotel room wardrobe design, Trinity Furniture can mix more than one material to make hotel wardrobes. We use laminate, E0 certificate plywood, wood with 8% less moisture, veneer, and many other materials. Trinity Furniture always has materials in stock to manufacture hotel room wardrobes.

Trinity Furniture can manufacture many hotel wardrobe types. You can get all-wood hotel wardrobes, plywood frame lay natural veneer hotel wardrobe, melamine hotel wardrobes, mirrored-glass hotel wardrobes, and many other options when it comes to selecting a custom made hotel wardrobe.

Trinity Furniture can design different hotel wardrobe styles. You can choose pull-to-open door hotel wardrobes. You can also choose sliding door hotel wardrobes as well those without any door. You can also request Trinity Furniture to make hotel room wardrobes that have drawers. The drawers serve as extra clothes storage.

Whether pull or sliding door hotel wardrobes, Trinity Furniture can manufacture them with a soft close design. The soft-close mechanism automatically takes over and shuts the door completely. The soft-close design feature allows the hotel wardrobe door and drawer to close silently and smoothly without hurting your fingers.

Trinity Furniture can also make a hotel open wardrobe with steel frames. We custom make open hotel wardrobes with rails and can add a few shelves inside the wardrobe. You can fold your clothes on the shelves and hang them on the rails.

You can also get a hotel wardrobe style that can keep the hotel-safe inside. Trinity Furniture designed a shelf inside the wardrobe for keeping the hotel safe. This keeps the hotel-safe away from anyone that enters your hotel room and protects your money or jewelry stored inside.

Trinity furniture can design a hotel wardrobe with a luggage stand inside. We can customize and make a hotel wardrobe style where you can hang the ironing board to create enough space in the hotel room.

Trinity Furniture can add LED light strips inside wardrobes, whether close-door or sliding-door hotel wardrobe. The LED light automatically switches on when you pull or slide the wardrobe door open, and it switches off when you close the wardrobe door. This feature helps you clearly see which clothes you pick from the hotel wardrobe especially at night.

Trinity Furniture has all modern furniture manufacturing machines. We use CNC cutting machine, edge banding machines, and many other automated machines. Because the machines are controlled under a computer, all the hotel wardrobes look exactly the same. Trinity Furniture automated machines manufacture high-quality hotel wardrobes faster and without errors.

Trinity Furniture also has advanced machines that can carve any logo on hotel room wardrobes. You just have to provide us your hotel logo design and we will put it on your hotel wardrobe nicely.

Trinity Furniture has over 300 staff working together and can easily produce 1000 hotel wardrobes in a month. If it is limited time on your hotel project and needs hotel wardrobes in less than a month, Trinity Furniture can manufacture them for you in 20 days.

Trinity Furniture owns a 50000 square meters factory where we manufacture all hotel wardrobe types. We also have a 3000 square meters hotel furniture room where we display hotel room wardrobe samples to you.

Trinity Furniture staff do many quality checks during manufacturing. Apart from manufacturing hotel furniture, Trinity Furniture also provides free services like designing a hotel bedroom layout so that you know where to put each hotel room furniture.

We will give you a free quote for the total cost of your hotel furniture project. We answer any questions you have before manufacturing the hotel room wardrobes. You can also contact Trinity Furniture at any time and we will provide you the support.

Trinity Furniture puts an EPE foam around hotel wardrobes for impact and shock absorption, as well as prevent scratching. We put the foam-covered hotel wardrobes in cardboards for extra protection before packing them in shipping containers. We will inform you in an email message, the number of containers we have packed your hotel wardrobes.

Within 3 years, if your hotel room wardrobe has a fault, Trinity Furniture will repair it free. Trinity Furniture gives you a guide book and video on how you can assemble hotel wardrobes.

Trinity Furniture manufactures hotel room wardrobes to meet all international standards. Trinity Furniture has passed a lot of certifications including ISO 9001, TUV, and many more. We use the best and efficient processes to manufacture your hotel room wardrobes.

Besides hotel wardrobes, Trinity Furniture manufactures hotel dining tables and chairs, hotel headboards, hotel room desks, hotel lobby furniture, and other hotel furniture. Whatever hotel room wardrobe design you need, talk to Trinity Furniture today, and we can custom manufacture it.

Call Trinity Furniture today to order your durable hotel wardrobes.

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