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  • Supply Over 300 Designs Luxury Hotel Furniture For Sale
  • Provide Huge Range Of Luxury Hotel Furniture For Projects
  • 100% Design And Customize Luxury Hotel Furniture For Your Projects
  • Provide Modern, Classic, Boutique, Traditional Luxury Hotel Furniture
  • Imported Hardwood, Leather, And More Custom Your Luxury Hotel Furniture
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15 Years Of Reliable Luxury Hotel Furniture Leader

  • Over 300 Luxury Hotel Furniture Success Projects In Global
  • The Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel Furniture Partner In the world
  • Professional Luxury Hotel Furniture Research & Development Team.
  • Over 50000 Square Meters Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer Factory
  • Design, Custom, Manufacture, Ship Luxury Hotel Furniture All In 1 Solution.

Standard Luxury Hotel Furniture Series

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Supply Modern Style And Luxury Hotel Furniture For Sale
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Wholesale Competitive Price Contemporary Luxury Hotel Furniture
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Custom Complete Set Luxury Hotel Furniture Including Living Room Furniture
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Design And Quick Ship High-End Luxury Hotel Furniture
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Provide Wide Variety Of Style Luxury Hotel Furniture Collection

Why Trinity Furniture Can Be Your 1# Luxury Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

  • Luxury Hotel Furniture Interior Design Available
  • Over 300 Staff Support Your Luxury Hotel Furniture Order
  • 20 days Quick Ship Luxury Hotel Furniture In Peak Season
  • Professional Sales Team 7 x 24 Hrs Response Your Requirements
  • 100% Inspect Your Luxury Hotel Furniture During Manufacture Process
  • Imported Automatic Production Lines Custom Your Luxury Hotel Furniture

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Experienced Luxury Hotel Furniture Supplier In China


Trinity Furniture is a solid 15 years of experience company in manufacturing luxury hotel furniture. We are a luxury hotel furniture supplier capable of transporting a large collection of hotel furniture to many countries spread across Europe, the Middle East, and all states in America. Our designer team listens to you and creates high-end hotel furniture designs you can use for luxury hotel rooms including suites.

Trinity Furniture can provide a wide range of luxury hotel furniture designs you can choose from. We customize luxury hotel furniture depending on your requirements. There is no limit to the luxury hotel-style furniture we can customize. Whatever design you want, even if it is a complex one, Trinity Furniture can customize it using the materials you prefer.

We design luxury hotel bedroom furniture sets to give your guests an unforgettable wonderful experience. Our customizable hotel bedroom furniture includes a hotel sofa, hotel room desks, hotel nightstands, hotel wardrobes, and more. We customize hotel luxury bedroom furniture like bed frames with illuminating headboards. We produce hotel bed frames with headboards that have built-in lights to automatically turn on when the room is dark or at night. Trinity Furniture can produce a fully upholstered hotel bed frame using super quality materials like velvet and Italian leather. We ensure that the upholstery covers the bed frames and hotel headboards without exposing the furniture frame for it to stay in a good condition for longer.

With 15 years as a luxury hotel furniture manufacturers, we can customize antique-style hotel furniture. We can design high-end antique furniture with unique designs embroidered on them. Trinity Furniture can finish luxury hotel furniture with special antique designs like a gold-painted pattern on the edge of the furniture. We can produce all hotel bedroom furniture including hotel bed frames, hotel room chairs, hotel tables, hotel luggage stands, and more in antique styles.

Trinity Furniture manufactures hotel bed benches for luxury hotel rooms. We can use a solid wood frame and steel frame to design the bed benches. Trinity Furniture uses upholstery fabric types like velvet and linen in your preferred color to match the luxury hotel bed frame and headboard.

We customize upholstered chairs and upholstered sofas for luxury hotels. Trinity Furniture designs durable hotel lobby furniture and hotel lounge furniture with materials that complement the overall design for a modern and contemporary look. Decorating your hotel with our luxury upholstered lobby and lounge seating offers a plush experience to hotel guests.

Trinity Furniture produces other luxury hotel furniture like reception furniture and outdoor furniture that simply exudes luxury.

Trinity Furniture uses modern efficient factory machines to produce luxury hotel furniture. We use machines like CNC cutting machines to accurately cut the correct sizes of furniture parts to be used for assembling. Our automatic edge-banding machines ensure luxury hotel furniture has smooth edges to prevent accidentally hurting guests. We also use machines like automatic packaging machines, welding machines, and more for early completion. All our advanced machines are computer-controlled to ensure that luxury hotel furniture is produced without faults.

Trinity Furniture offers a 3 years warranty for all luxury hotel furniture we customize. As long as the warranty is valid, we will repair faulty hotel furniture and replace damaged ones that are beyond repair. Trinity Furniture also provides free extra furniture parts for stress-free replacement during maintenance.

We have a dedicated customer service team to offer any kind of support before, during, and after manufacturing your luxury hotel furniture. Trinity Furniture offers after-sales support to help with you any challenges like assembling hotel furniture.

You can request fully assembled customized luxury hotel furniture or knockdown furniture depending on what you want. When you order knockdown furniture we are able to load many different furniture parts into shipping containers. Trinity Furniture sends you the furniture list and number of containers before it arrives at the receiving port.

Every luxury hotel furniture we send to you is safely protected with EPE foams and corrugated export cartons to prevent sort of damage. We load all luxury hotel-style furniture into shipping containers and send it via cargo ship. If you prefer airplane shipping, that is also available and with this transportation option, you receive your furniture in just a few days.

Trinity Furniture furniture designers create luxury hotel furniture designs and send them to you for approval. We can revise the designs many times so far as manufacturing hasn’t started. We begin manufacturing once you confirm the luxury hotel furniture you want.

As expert luxury hotel furniture suppliers, Trinity Furniture can manufacture 3000 different luxury hotel furniture for you in 30 days. If you urgently need them, we can cut production time into half and finish in 15 days.

All manufacturing processes are done in a 50000 square meters factory in China. We have 20 production lines used to speed up the manufacturing process. We have experienced supervisors at each of the production lines ensuring that the luxury hotel furniture is being produced exactly like the designs our seasoned designers created and sent to you. We do quality control checks to make sure that all hotel furniture is produced in high-quality without any errors.

We use our 3000 square meters showroom to display luxury hotel furniture samples. No matter the country you are from, you can visit our showroom and check the furniture quality. You can sit down with our staff and plan the luxury hotel furniture you want when you visit. We can also ship a free furniture sample to you if you are located outside China.

Trinity Furniture has all furniture manufacturing certifications including ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more for manufacturing only the best high-end luxury hotel furniture to last longer. We follow international standards to manufacture luxury hotel furniture for sale.

Besides luxury hotel furniture, Trinity Furniture can customize hotel bedding, hotel towels, and resort furniture to match your hotel projects requirements. Trinity Furniture is a luxury hotel furniture manufacturer you can trust.

Call Trinity Furniture to order all luxury hotel furniture.

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