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  • Resort Beach Towels Manufacturer Since 2005
  • Supply Softest, Thick, And Luxury Resort Towels For Commercial Use
  • Supply Full Range Of Resort Pool Towels, Resort Bath Towels, And More
  • Customize Various Colors, Sizes & Weights Of Resort Towels For Wholesale
  • Provide Turkish And Egyptian Grade One Cotton Custom Made Resort Towels
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Your Reliable Resort Towels Manufacturer

  • Automatic Embroidery Machines Design Your Resort Towels Logo
  • Super Absorbent And Warm Designed Resort Living Beach Towels
  • Supply Luxury Resort Towels To Over 100 Five Star Resorts Globally
  • Design & Manufacture Resort Towels For Enhance Guest Experience
  • 15 Years Experience In Design, Custom, Manufacture Resort Cotton Bath Towels

Standard Resort Towels Series

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100% Turkish Cotton Luxury Resort Towels
Resort Towels
Wholesale 600 GSM Weight Resort Pool Towels
Resort Towels
Supply A Wide Range Of Different Weight Resort Towels For Sale

Why Trinity Can Supply Your Luxurious Resort Towels

  • Customized Up To 40 Yard Count & 600 GSM Resort Towels
  • Strict Quality Control During Resort Towels Manufacturing Process
  • Produce Resort Towels With 100% Cotton Imported From Turkey And Egypt
  • Automatic Weaving, Jacquard Machines Manufacture High-Quality Resort Towels
  • Resort Towels Manufacturing Based On ISO 9001, SGS, TUV International Standards


Custom Luxury Resort Towels For Your Projects


Trinity Furniture manufactures high-quality 100% cotton resort towels. We can customize them based on your own designs, colors, weight, and sizes. Trinity Furniture has been manufacturing all towel types for resorts in our 50000 square meters hotel furniture factory since 2005. For 15 years, we have produced resort beach towels, resort pool towels, and more for the luxury resorts in North America, China, Dubai, Europe, Asia, and many other countries.

Trinity Furniture has passed many certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, and more ensuring that we produce high-quality resort towels to last longer. The resort towels we produce are eco-friendly which poses no risk to the environment.

Trinity Furniture uses high-quality imported Egyptian and Turkish cotton to produce resort towels. We use this finest cotton to manufacture resort beach towels, resort pool towels, and resort cotton bath towels for luxury resorts. With the premium cotton fabric we use, your resort bath towels are more absorbent and feel softer when used on the body.

Trinity Furniture can customize resort towels with different weights based on your requirements. We produce lightweight resort towels with 300-400 GSM, medium-weight resort towels with 400-620 GSM, and heavyweight resort towels with 620-900 GSM.

Trinity Furniture produces resort towels with intricate and nicely woven patterns like jacquard towels. If you want one of the most luxurious resort towels, Trinity Furniture’s high-end jacquard towels for 5-star resort rooms are a suitable fit. We can produce all resort towel types with different jacquard weave designs, they show a high-end finish that makes the towels a luxury accessory for all resorts.

Trinity Furniture can also produce premium velvet towels for all resorts. These are mostly preferred for their exceptional quality. We produce super-absorbent velvet towels as resort living beach towels and any resort towel type based on your requirements. Our velvet towels last longer and can be used in any resort.

Trinity Furniture can customize the different resort bath towel types in any color you prefer. All the colored resort towels we produce are colorfast, ensuring that they don’t fade to destroy the towel quality. You can machine wash them without the towels staining any white fabric.

We use the best modern cotton towel making machines to produce superior quality resort towels that last longer, though they are constantly used by different guests. Additionally, we use an automatic hemming machine to reinforce the towel edges and prevent the threads from loosening. Also, our computerized towel sewing machine ensures that the cotton fabric is put together well without any possibility of disentangling.

We can produce different resort towels including resort wash towels, resort hand towels, resort bath mat towels, resort bath towels, and resort bath sheets. Based on your requirements, Trinity Furniture customizes the resort towels in design patterns that fit a luxury look.

As resort towel suppliers, Trinity Furniture customizes resort wash towels, the smallest resort towel type for applying soap evenly on the body during bathing instead of using the hands. We produce them in a square shape that easily fits inside your palms for bathing.

Trinity Furniture produces resort hand towels with long fiber cotton for easy moisture absorption. We customize them in a rectangular shape that is able to wholly cover your hands to wipe water and moisture no matter the hand size.

Trinity Furniture produces resort bath towels and bath sheets with an immense capacity to absorb moisture. We mostly customize rectangular shaped bath towels for resorts, however, we can customize specific shapes based on your requirements. We can produce oversized bath towels which are usually perfect to be used as resort beach towels and resort pool towels. They can be spread on resort chaise lounge chairs to absorb any moisture on the body after swimming inside the pool or sea at the beach. Trinity Furniture also produces bath mat towels for all resort rooms. We design bath mats in your preferred shape to cover a wider floor area and prevent accidental slips and falls.

No matter the resort towel type you want, we can design them as border towels. Trinity Furniture can create beautiful designs a few inches from towel edges and give them a stylish look. We can design different designs at the borders including the designs you give us. As resort towel manufacturers that have supplied resort pool towels to resorts all over the world for 15 years, we produce high-end border towel designs to make the towels look luxurious.

Whatever resort towel type you want, Trinity Furniture can create color embroidery in it. We use automatic machines to perfectly design any custom logo and embroidery in any resort towel type.

Trinity Furniture has a 3000 square meters resort products exhibition room, you can come during weekdays and Saturdays to check the kind of quality we produce. Based on the resort towel type you want, we can arrange for a sample send to you if you are not in China.

Trinity Furniture can produce 3000 sets of different resort towels in 30 days. We can ship your resort towels by sea, and air, also we can assist deliver if you cant come.

Trinity Furniture ensures that you receive your resort cotton bath towels and all other resort towels in clean and quality condition. We have experienced supervisors that oversee production to ensure that only high-quality resort towels are produced. After production, we pack all towels in plastic bags and put them in boxes for additional protection against dirt during shipping. We safeguard resort living beach towels against any unforeseen factor that might destroy the towels’ look and quality during transportation.

Besides resort towels, Trinity Furniture also manufactures all resort furniture and hotel furniture for indoors and outdoors.

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