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  • All Wedding Furniture Quality Inspected Before Packing And Loading
  • One Of The Biggest Wedding Furniture Manufacturer In China Since 2005
  • Five Years Warranty Wedding Furniture Save Your Replace And Repair Cost
  • 20+ Supervisors Follow Up Your Wedding Furniture Manufacturing On Your Request
  • Automatic CNC Cutting Machines And More Manufacturing Your Quality Wedding Furniture
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Your Reliable Wedding Furniture Supplier In China

  • Own 200+ Wedding Furniture Distributors In Over 100 Countries
  • Supply Wide Range Of Wedding Furniture Collections Meet Your Customers Budget
  • Supply 300 + Modern, Classic, And ContemporaryDesign Wedding Furniture For Sale
  • 300+ Staff, 20 Production Lines, And 50,000 Sqm Factory Manufacturing Wedding Furniture
  • Supply Wood, Metal, Plastic And More Different Wedding Furniture, And Wedding Accessories

Standard Wedding Furniture Series

bride and groom chairs
Wholesale Gold Frame Bride And Groom Chairs For Weddings
chanel wedding chairs
Stacking UV Stabilized Chanel Wedding Chairs For Sale
chiavari chairs wedding
Wood Frame Limewash Chiavari Chairs Wedding Use
infinity wedding chairs
Stackable Transparent Infinity Wedding Chairs Wholesale
king and queen wedding chairs
Gold Chromed King And Queen Wedding Chairs With White Vinyl Upholstered
marriage sofa
Supply Wood Frame Marriage Sofa For Bride And Groom
napoleon wedding chairs
Wholeale Silver Powder Coated Napoleon Wedding Chairs
wedding couches
Custom Made White Velvet Upholstered Wedding Couches
wedding folding chairs
Lightweight Designed Resin Wedding Folding Chairs
wedding loveseat
Customized Golden Painted Wood Frame Wedding Loveseat
wedding stage sofa
Classic Design White Vinyl Wedding Stage Sofa For Sale
wedding tables and chairs
Stainless Steel Frame Gold Chromed Wedding Tables And Chairs
wedding throne chairs
Fully White Frame And Upholstered Wedding Throne Chairs For Sale

Why Trinity Can Be Wedding Furniture Industry Leader In China

  • Design And Manufacture Various Style Wedding Furniture For Different Country
  • Ship 50+ Containers Wedding Furniture Each Month For Your Rental Peak Seasons
  • Customize Different MaterialWedding Furniture Meet Your Rental Business Requirements
  • 20+ Experienced Staff Research And Develop Unique Style Wedding Furniture Each Month
  • Supply Fully Range Of Wedding Furniture For Sale, Like Wedding Chairs, Wedding Tables And More

Luxury Wedding Furniture Boom Your Rental Business


Trinity Furniture is a wedding furniture manufacturer in China and we have been producing durable wedding chairs, wedding sofas, and wedding tables since 2005.

In 16 years, we have been a wedding furniture supplier and delivered to 5-star hotels everywhere in the world. With our experienced staff, we manufacture beautiful wedding furniture designs to make wedding ceremonies a memorable experience.

Trinity Furniture can customize different wedding furniture like Chiavari chairs, wedding throne chairs, wedding arbors, and all wedding tables and chairs types.

As wedding furniture suppliers, Trinity Furniture can supply wedding furniture to any country. We supply wedding furniture with shipping containers and airplanes. When we transport with cargo ships, you receive the wedding furniture in around 30 days. Airplane shipping takes 5-7 days to arrive.

Trinity Furniture uses durable materials that don’t break or rust to produce wedding furniture. We customize wedding furniture with weather-resistant materials to make them usable indoors and outdoors. We use materials like solid wood, metals, resin, acrylic, and more to produce high-quality wedding ceremony furniture.

We can customize any wooden wedding furniture that the frame has less than 8% moisture content. The quality wood we use prevents shrinking and swelling no matter the time of the year. They are not affected by the weather conditions in cold or hot regions worldwide.

Trinity Furniture can customize wooden cross-back chairs. We customize these cross-back chairs to be stackable and they can also be customized as fruitwood wedding chairs. You can use our high-quality fruitwood wedding chair for garden weddings.

Our experienced designers create the nicest wedding sofas. We produce the wedding sofas with details that make them luxurious. Trinity Furniture can use solid wood or metal as the frame to support heavy body weights. We use high-density foams for the cushion seat and backrest for comfortable seating. Trinity Furniture can customize the wedding sofas with premium upholstery materials like velvet, and Italian leather for a contemporary look.

Trinity Furniture can also customize wedding throne chairs. We can stylishly design the wedding throne chair edges with gold-colored metals to make them look more luxurious. Depending on your specifications, we can customize the height as well as the weight.

We can produce acrylic wedding chairs to be conveniently used for outdoor weddings. You can easily wipe off rain or water droplets from it. The acrylic wedding chairs we produce are simple yet elegant enough for beautiful wedding decorations.

Additionally, we can also produce acrylic wedding tables with enough strength to support food, drinks, and gifts put on them. We produce them with even legs to make the table sturdy without shaking to prevent food from pouring onto the floor and bottled drinks from breaking.

Trinity Furniture produces aluminum-framed Chiavari banquet chairs for weddings. We can powder coat the aluminum with gold color, silver color, and other colors for a luxury look. We ensure the aluminum wedding chairs have no rough edges that may hurt you.

Trinity Furniture can produce removable padded cushions for comfortable seating on wedding chairs. We customize them with straps that can be tied and untied. The cushions can be upholstered with different colored fabrics based on your requirements. We can customize the cushions and the upholstery material to be weather-resistant for long-lasting.

We can also produce various kinds of wedding tables like antique wedding tables. These antique or vintage wedding tables can be produced as rustic wedding furniture. As part of antique wedding furniture, Trinity Furniture also produces Chinese wedding chairs with designs you prefer.

Trinity Furniture can also produce mirror tables for weddings with tempered glass. The tempered glass we use is stronger and prevents the wedding mirror table from breaking easily.

As a wedding furniture manufacturer, Trinity Furniture can also produce wedding arbors in different designs. We can customize wooden and metal wedding arbors with your preferred specifications.

Also, Trinity Furniture uses high-quality polycarbonate and polyphenylene to manufacture wedding chairs and wedding tables. Based on your requirements, we can customize them in different colors to meet your wedding colors. Also, we can supply knockdown and whole-piece wedding chairs that are stronger and able to withstand heavy body weights.

Trinity Furniture can customize wedding love seats with tufted designs and white fabric to make them look modern. We can customize them in any color to match the wedding settee used for decorations.

We can also produce resin wedding chairs as part of our large wedding furniture collection. Trinity Furniture can customize resin wedding chairs to be foldable for easy packing and storage in a limited space. Our resin wedding chairs are made durable to withstand constant use without breaking.

Trinity Furniture manufactures all wedding furniture types in a 50,000 square meters factory with modern machines. We use machines like CNC cutting machines, automatic welding machines, automatic plastic molding machines, and more.

In a 3000 square meters showroom, we have wedding furniture for sale and we also put on display high-quality wedding furniture samples for quality checking. Trinity Furniture can also ship a free wedding furniture sample to check the quality before we start mass manufacturing your order.

Trinity Furniture can produce 3000 sets of wedding furniture in 30 days. If you urgently need to use or rent out wedding furniture, we can produce the large quantity you want in 15 days.

Trinity Furniture has many manufacturing certifications like ISO 9001, SGS, TUV, and more to guarantee you the most durable wedding furniture. The high-quality wedding ceremony furniture we produce saves you replacement costs.

Trinity Furniture produces both factory-assembled and knockdown wedding furniture. We provide an assembling guide for knockdown wedding furniture. The assembling guide is easy to follow and you can put together many knockdown wedding furniture in a limited time.

Our customer representatives provide any wedding furniture-related support you need before you place your order. Trinity Furniture provides a free quote to know your order’s total cost. We offer a 1 year after sales-support.

In addition to wedding furniture, Trinity Furniture produces hotel furniture, hospitality outdoor furniture, resort furniture, banquet furniture, and more.

Call Trinity Furniture today to order all wedding furniture types.

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